Saturday, June 24, 2023

State of the Oceans - June 24, 2023

 In general, everything is stagnant.

The Pacific Belt is just churning, and the North Atlantic is maintaining its pattern.  

The famous sea temperature anomaly map is not changing at all.

The equatorial belts get colder.  The big question is the state of the Gulf Stream around the UK.  This will determine the winter weather in Europe.  

I am happy that the ocean current map came out.  However, we live in a world where there is no physics, and I'm constantly worried how much longer this map will exist.  

In summary, the physics is showing a world where the heat energy is running down.  I'm still predicting an Arctic spill that will freeze the Thames, but there is great uncertainty about the Gulf Stream.  If that water north of the UK continues to cool, then it's a go.

El Nino just lives on the temperature anomaly map and that appears to be frozen.  If it is not growing, then it is dead, but doesn't know it yet.  

ps - the dead ocean allows more Arctic blobs to hit us.  Lots of rain and cool weather for NA -- blah.

pps and here's a picture for Toronto, the tropical rainforest.

pps - the fact that the anomaly maps are frozen in time, is a physical impossibility.  In reality, the maps reflect the subtraction field to calculate the anomaly.  We can never see this, but it is peeking through when the ocean temperatures are relatively cool and uniform.  Something that we'll never know.

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