Friday, June 16, 2023

Another fine thing


I have a connection to this.  At one time, Ontario was a possible host site.  They first wanted it at Bruce, but I said that was the worst rock in the world, and would never hold the huge excavation they wanted.  At that time, they actually listened to me.  I said, go over to Darlington, and they did.

However, this was a boondoggle of boondoggles, and the prize went to the country that was willing to waste the most money.  Not poor little Canada.  We only have enough money for battery factories.

The physics is against fusion reactors.  As I have written, you need to hold the fused atoms in a 'quasi state', in order to get enough energy to be worthwhile.  I wrote what was needed for a 'fusion rocket' or torch.  If you allow the individual fused atoms to pop at any time, then the first one destroys the party for the rest of them.  That's the trouble with compressive explosions, like diesel engines, you have to hold until everything is ready to pop.

So, fusion is off the table for another 30 years, if that.  You can't diddle with one atom at a time.

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