Monday, June 12, 2023

Arctic ice volume well in the pack

 The Arctic ice has started the Spring Melt.  

That's a lot of heat energy to absorb in the melting.  Without ocean plumes, the cold blobs are coming down on us, fast and furious.

At least it gives rain to our stagnant summer.  This is a preview to our winter, if a spillway has opened up.

It's all spilling over us in NA, rather than Europe.  However, I expect the spillway to open up over the UK.  The ocean conditions are different this year.

The Danes have fixed their plot.

ps.  I don't predict anything, but I follow my ocean-energy hypothesis.  That means we'll have another long, cold winter, so brace for it.  One girl was lamenting that the last one was a long, cold winter, and she felt it.  I didn't want to tell her that the next one will be worse.  Of course, miracles can happen, and my hypothesis can die.

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