Thursday, June 29, 2023

Pickering NPP to be extended forever


I'm just going to give the faintest hint of 'blah' about this news.  It's better than killing square miles of land under solar cells, and killing all bats, so we get West Nile, with windmills.

However, the whole world is endlessly involved in stupidity, and this isn't any worse.  In the old days, it was a very hard 'no' to have a total disaster at the 10-3 odds.  We always wanted 10-7.  At Japan and other disasters, it has become the norm to dance at 1 in 1000.  

I'll bet that every German nuclear plant that was shut down at Poot's request was at 10-7.  Neat.  Pickering is at 10-3 because of the chance of a huge earthquake at the Hamilton Fault Zone.  That's just a crank calling it.  The regulators have been gutted by past issues that conflicted with the government, so they are just happy people, smiling and nodding.  

Nevertheless, I think we are killing more people with the trillions wasted for clange, than will ever die in the huge nuclear disaster.  So, cheer on current era of no physics, and have a beer....

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