Friday, June 23, 2023

Climate gets serious


And we have 'Big Jane' declaring war on everything.  If she went after 'Evil Physics' then I would run.  As it is, all geophysics is being slowly ground down to extinction.  I don't have the ocean current map any more, and if the nooa world temperature maps get any colder, then they will go, as well.

When all the geophysics is wiped out, then we just wait outside and see what happens.  I will make no predictions, as we sink into the stone age...

And this is what happens when the wrong people want to become influencers.  First of all, they look deeply to see if you ever touched fossil fuels.  Then, they go after the debate, and use ugly pictures.  It's amazing.  And everybody is talking through their hat, because no new physics is being measured.  

The war is on to wipe Alberta off the map, and they deserve it.  Just a few million on physics would have protected them.  They could go on a rant about the Scientific Method.  But no, stupidity lifts all boats.

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