Wednesday, June 7, 2023

Drolet Stoves Web Site Experience

 This is a great Quebec stove maker.  I had mine at the cottage for 30 years, and finally the glass broke.  No problem, I climbed behind the stove and got the model number.

On their web site, that led me to the part.  Since this is how it always works, I ordered it.  

Surprise!  My stove model has two versions.  I got the wrong glass.

Upon inquiring, I was told I had the 'cast iron door' model, and I ordered the 'steel door' glass.  How could I be so stupid?  They didn't actually say that, but it was implied, since they can tell cast iron from steel at 100 paces.  I can't.

I ordered the new one, and had to ship back the wrong one, at my expense of $32.  I contend it was their mistake, but I got ghosted on that request.

In all, a horrible experience, and I wish them 'Instant Karma', but I don't want to make them mad, since I haven't got the new glass yet.

ps. and chrome on Linux doesn't work on their web site...


Neil T said...

chrome on Linux doesn't work

There is a God!!!

Harold Asmis said...

I was just trying to get them to pay for my shipping, but they've gone and ghosted again. Are you so frisky because the rain is close? :)

Neil T said...

Everywhere around me is getting soaked.. I get 4 drops. I'm thinking underground aliens with a force field. Rain alarm has just gone off again... I'm not holding my breath. I see on the news you've got a bit of a smoke issue.

Harold Asmis said...

The Rain Gods are angry with you, grasshopper. Over here, the Wind Gods have turned the smoke for Toronto. However, no rain in sight.