Sunday, June 18, 2023

Thermacell for the cottage



That's the link to buy and give me some money for the drone-flyaway fund.

Also get these to fill it.

thermacell refill

You can sit on your deck in the daytime, and it keeps everything away.  It gives off this cute little 'electric train set' smoke that was on my Lionel set from the 50's.  This will banish all the horrible screen porches, and it just uses synthetic pyrethins, which don't bother any mammal.  The dragonflies are smart enough to stay away.  The humming birds love it like incense.  :)

This bit of influencer magic was inspired by my getting my first 5 bucks from the associates, after 5 years. Neat.

ps.  the refill times are optimistic and they have this fragile ceramic wick.  If you are an engineer and never read the instructions, you will break the wick trying to get the plastic off, with your gorilla frustration.  A smart person just pinches the middle and carefully takes off the plastic.  blah.

pps.  and get this for cleaning.  I just poke two little holes in the sealer.  You only need a dribble in water to clean the bathroom.  And put a dribble in the toilet overflow pipe (take off the cover), and dribble in the toilet to get rid of the minerals.  


A dribble in the shower drain and a dribble on the darn shower faucet pull.

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