Saturday, June 24, 2023

No physics, no liability, nobody cares

 In Canada, consumer protection is provided by hard standards.  If a company meets those standards, then there is little chance of a liability lawsuit succeeding.  In the US, there are effectively no standards.  If the Feds approve Roundup, it has no meaning in California.  All companies, governments, and institutions arrange things to minimize liability lawsuits.  Everybody and their dog sues everything.

The most important thing to protect oneself is the 'Stupidity Defence' and paid-off scapegoats.  Let's say an imaginary space institution comes out with a wooly idea about ozone.  They make big money on it.  But, in the basement, some people are doing physics, and pronounce that the wooly idea is impossible.  What to do?

Well, you eliminate all these guys, burn the lab, and wipe all mention of it.  You do this because you can.  Then you are in a pickle because you effectively eliminated all physics.  You can blunder on for decades.

So, I think there is a world movement to eliminate all checking of anything.  You can take tourists out in a cardboard boat, provided it is 'new cardboard' with no idea of the physical properties.  Yeah, what a nice trip!  No physics whatsoever.

We have this around the world.  The Scientific Method is dangerous to the power-people, and it is killed.  Everybody just lives with lip-flapping debate.  We'll just see more disasters, and we'll shrug our shoulders.  A perfect world.

ps.  there was a big tender ship for the sub.  I thought they went out in a rowboat.

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