Thursday, June 29, 2023

A climate change summer

 We are into Summer and it's hot in the North Hemi.  This is proof of climate change.

Any drought, flood, or storm is proof of climate change.  "Why is it hot, Daddy?  -- Climate Change, and shaddup'.  Does the world accept that everything is due to climate change?  It used to be God.  A long time ago, people were concerned with mechanisms -- as in how does God actually do things?  And we had Science, as defined by the Scientific Method.  

We now have the Coming of El Nino as a total no-show.  Does that put a dent in the groupthink -- no.  This winter could be horrendous -- and that's climate change.  The world temperatures are staying flat at the top of the long cycle and soon it will be dropping.  

I have no argument with clange -- in fact it is impossible to argue against it, and that's good for the summer.  I sit outside and drink beer, and never think of things....

ps.  sorry, El Nooa is here...

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