Friday, May 31, 2024

My old volcano hypothesis finally tested


A long time ago, a tv producer contacted me and wanted to talk about volcanoes, and showing a mechanism on tv.  That was in the good old days, when people were interested in mechanisms, and we had the mythbuster show.  Now, it's all influencer hand waving.

Anyway, I thought about it, and it was all about chambers collapsing, as the main mechanism for repeat volcanoes.  The conventional thinking was that it was all magma injection, but that only worked for the beginning.  I developed a great idea for showing the 'stomp rocket mechanism'.  In the end, the producer was harried to do something quick and cheap, and they went with people just melting rock.  No wonder all that tv died.


ps.  I laid out all the testing required for this, and they apparently did it.  Of course, since nobody reads me, I'm glad they did physics with a mechanism.  

We are all very cold


That's the temperature anomaly plot.  It shows where it is hotter or colder than expected.  You can see that Mexico has a tiny blush, and that's the only warmth right now, maybe India.  It's a cold blue at the cottage, where it went freezing last night.  I have some small torch lighters, that don't work when it is freezing.  Who knew?  Luckily, I had some 1950 wood matches.  Boy, do they stink!

According to the influencers, it's going to get very hot.  Yeah!  I'm not making a forecast,  because it is horrible.

ps.  full dragonfly armada out.  No bugs in the daytime.

Thursday, May 30, 2024

Trumpypants found guilty of all charges


Ha, ha.  Does this mean anything?  Maybe he can make a new orange t-shirt.  

No "Theory of Everything" for you


You can look this up if you want to, but it's an AI read.  I was interested in how brutal physicists were to each other on a failed hypothesis.  Then that brutality turned on them.

This is deeper than just that theory, which should always start as a testable hypothesis.  After all that brutality, nobody want to put forward any hypothesis.  It's all because of nasty 'one line' put downs.  No scientist can afford that.

This has gone down to the simplest physics being destroyed.  We are entering an ice cycle that will do things like huge clear air convection cells.  Poor airliners.  We just get the religious garbage for that.  My job is to track all the damage, and make fun of it.

ps. and speaking of physics, we really need higher ceilings for jet liners.  At +-3g, you can really build up some good smash velocities.

Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Ticketmaster breached


Well, this is Influencer Central.  It had to be breached some day, and I'm sure it's all MS to the bone, not that I can say anything.

So, 500 million swiflies are now at risk.  They will soon get AI phone calls -- "Hello, this is tayswift, sounding a bit like ScarJo.  Just send me all your money, and I might let you buy a ticket to my next concert."  Wow, one trillion dollars going to support the russ wars.  

You would think someone might use a bit of physics logic to fight the MS monopoly.  Not going to happen.  Clange groupthink will break before that.  Oh well, I hear the phone...

ps. and in other great news, The HMS Leaky is about to take off.

ps. and the weather forecast is in.  They are never right, I am never right.  

Huge cold blob makes us chilly

 This cold blob has become huge, and is wiping away all our wonderful heat.  

The winds are going down to Mexico, and will kill their one-day heatwave.  Then, it's on to the next heatwave somewhere in the tropics.  Those places are supposed to get hot.

We can use the anomaly plot to guess where the next media heatwave will be.  I would guess Spain, but that is such old news.

ps. you would like my garden fight with baby rabbits.  Every time we look out the window, there is another one.  The old dog is hopeless and they dance around the live trap.  I was using my spray, but we were getting endless rain.  Now, I use the spray and red pepper powder.  Not pleasant to get a snoot in the nose, but I hope the rabbits dislike it.  

Tuesday, May 28, 2024

A fine cold blob comes to Toronto


This will be our June, Gulf air coming up, and then getting cleared by cold blobs from the Arctic.  

Europe will most likely be the same.

ps.  such bad people in the world....

ps.  oh no!  Polar bears again.

ps.  another one-day heatwave in an area known to be hot.

Monday, May 27, 2024

World temperatures ready to dive below last year

 Last year was really unusual.  I called for a harsh winter, and the ocean threw a cream pie in my face.

That huge Great Red Spot warmed up the whole earth, just as much as a full El Nino.  I was stunned, and the only way to determine the total heat energy is by looking at the world charts.  Had we some physics in the world, we could use the diving temps of the Argo floats, and calculate the total volume of the hot water.  Then we could do something like earthquakes and call it an M9 heating event.

Unfortunately, this methodology would rate the 'official' El Nino as an M4 damp squib.  That's why we'll never see physics.  Just a tiny bit would blow 'influencer science' out of the cold water.  Right now, we are inundated by influencers screaming about the 'record ocean heat'.  They just make that up.

My interest is in the tropics which was heading for a world record plunge, but then it got a hook, which is essentially 'standard noise'.  I have faith that it will continue to plunge because the spot doesn't look so hot.

Clarion Call for Old Men


Yeah!  We have a 'Poster Child' for old men!  So much stupidity, but I tend to ignore it.  That's why AI will have trouble.  All the Influencer News has no base logic, it's just made up on the spot.  If you analyze that crap down to the core, you get 'put glue on pizza'.  

Sunday, May 26, 2024

More air turbulence


We all know this is clange, but with no mechanism.  It just is.  And if we followed all the leftwinger influencers, this will all go away if we stop breathing.  

In physics-land, where nobody ventures, we have a simple explanation that can be measured.  However, we are living in the Dark Ages now, so nothing will be done.  The Church of Clange is in control.  

Time to make more windmills and solar cells.  Where does that power come from?  

ps.  this is interesting as the one thing that professional doomers never want, is for the doom to actually catch up to them.  They admit that there is nothing we can do to stop temperatures rising, this is in all the phoney things they write.  Carbon levels are through the roof, according to them.  Many people will now die in planes, and nothing they can do.  Will they take planes to the next big conference?  In reality, they are killing these people by creating the Dark Ages.  I find it amusing.

ps I was thinking that tayswif could fund physics to make all her flights safer.  She has no choice but to use the jets and she doesn't want to die in the plane's bathroom.  

Arctic still blows a mean wind


Lots of air going through the Bering Str.  In Toronto, we continue to gets blasts of warmth from the Gulf of Mexico.  Mexico is in a stagnant zone, which is usually California's job, but the cold is zooming them.

Everything else is following standard physics.  

Saturday, May 25, 2024

Canada gets cold


The tropics curve is getting a hook up, but having no effect on the other sections of the world.  

Cold air continues to come down, since the tropical plumes are weak.  The Canadian prairies are getting lots of rain.  Did you notice that all the conventional forecasts are wrong?  Makes no difference, they'll just put out more wrong forecasts.  Nobody checks.

ps.  this will be a 70's summer with really frigid days in June.  I remember going out on a group picnic in that era, and it was sooooo cold!


ps.  The tropics have hooked down!

Thursday, May 23, 2024

Cottage bug report

 Sunny and cool today.  Cold at night, so we'll have a fire.  No see-ums are killing me right now on the deck.  The dragonflies were here, and are on a union break.  I don't see any right now.

The pump installation is giving me trouble.  I have to do such contortions to attach things together, that I don't think I can do it when I'm 80.  You say, that's for the kids to take over - Ha!

ps. yeah, only a few disasters.  Some pipes blew, since I couldn't detach everything in the fall.  

ps. the leaves are advanced and the lake had the ice out early.  Our giant heat blob at work.

Heatwaves around the world

 In the summer, we always have a desperate search for one-day heatwaves.  Looks like Mexico is today's star.  

We have a 'world record' tropics temperature plunge.  This makes it difficult to pick out isolated heatwaves.  And the cold rains have hit the forest fires.

It's still tied with 2016 for a straight plunge.  We'll wait for tomorrow.

Mexico is in a stagnant 'heat lock'.  That always used to happen for California.  Now, they have endless cold blobs coming at them and its cold and rainy.

If we look at the world anomaly plot, we see the UK is cold and Mexico isn't that hot.  Almost no heatwaves, and Europe is getting a cold blob.  It's tough to be a leftwinger.  They'll have to go more with microplastics and 'forever chemicals'.  I love the power of selective vision.

Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Tropical temperatures continue to deflate like a balloon

 It is a balloon.  The Great Red spot is deflating, due to no feed, and being pushed up against the cold water of the equatorial belt.

I don't know when exactly we have an update on this, but it is amazing.  Straight down, and I'm waiting for some sort of hook up.  This will soon be in the record books of drops... Ha, nobody will record it.

It drags down the world temps and soon we'll be into the usual muck.

The North is worming its way down, and the Arctic, as well.

None of this should bother our summer, since stagnant air gets really hot.  It will be a fun winter, though.

ps. of course, all the cold weather of the UK is clange.

I'm glad the people are happy with this 'explanation' after the fact.  

Atmospheric physics and air turbulence


In the 70's, the last time we had an ice cycle, there were a lot of air turbulence incidents.  This caused a huge amount of physics being launched to measure 'clear air convection'.  All of this was shut down when physics went against 'The Ozone Fabrication' pushed by the '2 N's' for the sake of popularity.

Now, we have no physics, but I'm sure we'll have lots of influencers making up new stories.  Does that make you feel safer in a plane?  I'm glad they do such a good job.

If you want to cross to the other side, and embrace physics, then you should know that clear air convection increases in severity, during an ice cycle.  This was noted in the 70's where they used research planes with lasers.  Clear air convection cannot be detected by planes at the moment, but I am convinced that had the research been allowed to continue, we would have had a detector by now.  

Besides tons of money being wasted, thus killing a lot of people who are not served by the economy, we have direct deaths to lay at the feet of the influencers.  Now, the doomers are going after a ton of other things that could used some physics.  Our wasted money is destructive, like the Mayans killing all the jungle, to make white plaster for temples, or the Ancient Egyptians putting up pyramids. 

The forecast is for more deaths due to this.  A new story should come out every day.

ps. Yeah, it's all clange, no 'call for physics' expected.

Shiny features versus safety


We live in interesting times.  I saw this a long time ago.  You can become a billionaire by always focusing on new features and forgetting about safety.

Now, AI is going that route.  I think Googs had AI a long time, and were terrified.  It took someone who didn't give a poop to blow it open.  Nevertheless, I don't think AI is as dangerous as standard MS.  If you look at history, MS was responsible for the Great Blackout, and they covered it up.  Now, all the big security failures are MS.  Can't wait to read about the next one.

Monday, May 20, 2024

Wearing a mask is useless


I'm not going to say 'told you so', but I am glad they are looking into this.  Obviously, nobody at the top of the covid command chain would look at this.  The doctors used to say that masks were useless, but then they had to appear to be doing something, and caved to the mask lobby.

From the physics of the thing, covid has evolved to go straight into the eyes.  What would be fun, is to test what I suggested and just wear Bono Glasses, and see if that made a difference.  Masks have only been tested for coughing, but people without masks should cover their sneezes and such.  Once the particles are out there, you need some physics to see how long they take to settle.

I'm a big fan of using hyroxyl generators in the air.  The negative ions help settle out the particles faster.  Anyway, I think everything was wrong with procedures for covid, and I hope to never see another pandemic.  

World temperatures start the Great Crash

 We are now watching the final moments of the Great Red Spot in the West Pacific.

All the flow to feed it has stopped, and it is getting sucked into the Cold Black Hole of the equatorial belt.  I have never seen it like this.  Nobody will admit that the historical cycles are over.

The tropics are starting their Dive of the Century, which is a rather meaningless term, since we don't have much history.  As with earthquakes, this could all be taken care of with physics, but we know, 'that ain't gonna happen'.  We just get endless hopeful forecasts.

What goes up, must come down.  Meanwhile, we enjoyed a great 'stagnant weather' event in Toronto.  The dragonflies have come out.  We will get cold spells, as the Gulf warm air can't be steady.

In summary, the spot had 10 times more heat energy than I thought.  All we have is the thin veneer on the top, measured by the satellites.  That phoney El No-no fooled them all, because it had no energy, and this spot had all the energy.  One day, we'll have physics, after I'm dead....

ps on the 'Science Porn' web sites, there is a new player.  Without any laws of physics, these sites are subject to 'lawlessness', where the new guy goes wild with 'new  fuel' and 'new battery' crap.  This is the same as 'Everything is Clange' influencers.

Saturday, May 18, 2024

Cottage bug report

 Lots of blackflies.  May have seen a dragonfly on the road.  Leaves are more advanced than usual.

ps. nothing is worse than blackflies when it is hot.  Darn nets are a sweatbox.

ps  Yeah!  First dragonfly zoomed by my head.

ps. so hot today, I jumped into the water.  No extreme pain.

Perfect storm in the Pacific


A plume has turned over to a perfect storm.  I have never seen that, and it is caused by cold air hitting the plume.  Nearly 95% of the time, the plumes remain linear and hit North America.

Other than that, everything seems to be on-track.  The temperatures are having a little hook up, probably caused by this big vortex.  These storms are perfect reverse funnels to pump heat energy up off the ocean into the atmosphere.  Once again, this is as really neat, as much as an eclipse or Northern Lights.

Friday, May 17, 2024

Continuing collapse of great ocean event


The media is finally catching up to our great ocean heating event that distorted all the weather for the world.  As usual, even the Economist just puts a simple linear extrapolation on everything.  If it was hot yesterday, it will be even hotter tomorrow.

The UK news is finally full of "Why is it so cold?".  Neat.

This is the spot for the month of May.  I find the 'anomaly' clears out some of the clutter of the actual temperatures.  That's because the base for the anomaly plot is probably flatter here.  They never show the base. You can see that the warmth is being squeezed out.  Also, the Great Barrier Reef is in the influence area of the hot spot.

This hot spot was created last year, with a very unusual ocean current event, a sort of micro ocean reversal, with the same physics mechanism as El Nino, but far in the west, and on a very small scale.  Nevertheless, it pumped a huge amount of heat energy out into the world.

With it being eliminated by cold water, we go back to the trend of a standard ice cycle.  

The UK can whine about the cold, and in Toronto, we'll have a typical hot stagnant 2 month summer.

Now that my AI poison has done its work, I'm at my lowest readership ever.  Hang on there, my 3 readers, and plant your gardens.

Thursday, May 16, 2024

Great Red Spot collapses

 And so it happens.  Our grs, which has kept us warm all winter, is melting like the oz movie.

The powerful scraping has stopped.  

It's just a pale red now, no more dark red.  However, there is a residual, but I suspect it does not hold much heat energy.  It will be less tomorrow.

The ocean currents are a few days behind, but you can see the major force leaving the building.

And so, the crash starts.  The tropics will still be the highest but will crash the most.

The world temps will be next.

And that's the north, crashing.

And, finally, the Arctic should set new records.

This is so rapid and significant, that I'll follow it every day, and if it suddenly goes up, man, I'll look silly.

ps.  and nooa picked the oscillation perfectly, like a surfer.

And I'm not even making a real 'all months' plot, because they are so always right.

ps.  just fixed the Arctic chart.  I'm glad nobody reads, so I can't be embarassed.

ps.  wow, really nice today.  We will have a stagnant summer like this, off and on.  The Gulf plume, and Arctic air will continue to collide.

Wednesday, May 15, 2024

Suckering the Chinese to build electric cars and solar panels


This is quite interesting as they have built billions of these things that nobody will want soon.  When the crash happens, it might delay their war plans for a while.

ps.  also, the Chinese put all the money into appearance.  I once bought a nice cheap Chinese kitchen faucet that looked perfect.  A few months later, I was lucky to catch a drip from the interior, and replaced the tap.  The plastic would have cracked and flooded the whole house.  This happened before with toilet connectors.  Many new homes were flooded.  Can't wait to see these things blow up, and let's not talk about 40 below.

ps. I'm thinking of the universities, and the definition of leftwinger has the word 'shallow' in it.  The universities are saying "Look, we killed all the physics for you, and put up stupid windmills and solar panels for you.  And you still aren't happy?"

ps and you leftwingers brought us all closer to war by banning German nuclear plants, and shovelling lots of money to China.