Thursday, May 16, 2024

Great Red Spot collapses

 And so it happens.  Our grs, which has kept us warm all winter, is melting like the oz movie.

The powerful scraping has stopped.  

It's just a pale red now, no more dark red.  However, there is a residual, but I suspect it does not hold much heat energy.  It will be less tomorrow.

The ocean currents are a few days behind, but you can see the major force leaving the building.

And so, the crash starts.  The tropics will still be the highest but will crash the most.

The world temps will be next.

And that's the north, crashing.

And, finally, the Arctic should set new records.

This is so rapid and significant, that I'll follow it every day, and if it suddenly goes up, man, I'll look silly.

ps.  and nooa picked the oscillation perfectly, like a surfer.

And I'm not even making a real 'all months' plot, because they are so always right.

ps.  just fixed the Arctic chart.  I'm glad nobody reads, so I can't be embarassed.

ps.  wow, really nice today.  We will have a stagnant summer like this, off and on.  The Gulf plume, and Arctic air will continue to collide.

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