Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Ticketmaster breached


Well, this is Influencer Central.  It had to be breached some day, and I'm sure it's all MS to the bone, not that I can say anything.

So, 500 million swiflies are now at risk.  They will soon get AI phone calls -- "Hello, this is tayswift, sounding a bit like ScarJo.  Just send me all your money, and I might let you buy a ticket to my next concert."  Wow, one trillion dollars going to support the russ wars.  

You would think someone might use a bit of physics logic to fight the MS monopoly.  Not going to happen.  Clange groupthink will break before that.  Oh well, I hear the phone...

ps. and in other great news, The HMS Leaky is about to take off.

ps. and the weather forecast is in.  They are never right, I am never right.  

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