Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Tropical temperatures continue to deflate like a balloon

 It is a balloon.  The Great Red spot is deflating, due to no feed, and being pushed up against the cold water of the equatorial belt.

I don't know when exactly we have an update on this, but it is amazing.  Straight down, and I'm waiting for some sort of hook up.  This will soon be in the record books of drops... Ha, nobody will record it.

It drags down the world temps and soon we'll be into the usual muck.

The North is worming its way down, and the Arctic, as well.

None of this should bother our summer, since stagnant air gets really hot.  It will be a fun winter, though.

ps. of course, all the cold weather of the UK is clange.

I'm glad the people are happy with this 'explanation' after the fact.  

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