Sunday, May 26, 2024

More air turbulence


We all know this is clange, but with no mechanism.  It just is.  And if we followed all the leftwinger influencers, this will all go away if we stop breathing.  

In physics-land, where nobody ventures, we have a simple explanation that can be measured.  However, we are living in the Dark Ages now, so nothing will be done.  The Church of Clange is in control.  

Time to make more windmills and solar cells.  Where does that power come from?  

ps.  this is interesting as the one thing that professional doomers never want, is for the doom to actually catch up to them.  They admit that there is nothing we can do to stop temperatures rising, this is in all the phoney things they write.  Carbon levels are through the roof, according to them.  Many people will now die in planes, and nothing they can do.  Will they take planes to the next big conference?  In reality, they are killing these people by creating the Dark Ages.  I find it amusing.

ps I was thinking that tayswif could fund physics to make all her flights safer.  She has no choice but to use the jets and she doesn't want to die in the plane's bathroom.  

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