Thursday, May 2, 2024

Sea level rear-end thermometer not responding to hot charts


This is the best thermometer for the earth.  It's like sticking it where the sun don't shine.  You can see all the historic hot and cold spells in here.  The 1930's dust bowl, the 1940's russian invasion freeze.  Our recent warm spell.  Absolutely everything.

The new update shows things sinking again, but it is a generally flat buzz after our 'Year 2000 Hockey Stick'.  We don't want to see a big 1940's drop for poor little Europe-ville.  When the windmills are iced up like airplane wings, and the solar cells are covered in snow, it doesn't leave much for heating.  I especially like the concept of off-shore windmills in the North Sea.

WWII was a bugger for ice.

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Anonymous said...

Hummin Peter—You like the windmills in the N-Sea, for the laughs?