Thursday, May 30, 2024

No "Theory of Everything" for you


You can look this up if you want to, but it's an AI read.  I was interested in how brutal physicists were to each other on a failed hypothesis.  Then that brutality turned on them.

This is deeper than just that theory, which should always start as a testable hypothesis.  After all that brutality, nobody want to put forward any hypothesis.  It's all because of nasty 'one line' put downs.  No scientist can afford that.

This has gone down to the simplest physics being destroyed.  We are entering an ice cycle that will do things like huge clear air convection cells.  Poor airliners.  We just get the religious garbage for that.  My job is to track all the damage, and make fun of it.

ps. and speaking of physics, we really need higher ceilings for jet liners.  At +-3g, you can really build up some good smash velocities.


Neil T said...

I apend a lot of time working on my GUT and there is no way in hell I'm even mentioning it to anyone unless I'm floating 1m off the ground with no physical support... And even then I expect to be shouted at a lot. Scientists do not like smart arses.

Harold Asmis said...

That's fine, take it to your grave, if they can get you down there.

Harold Asmis said...

Funeral guys: "OMG, gravity doesn't work for him... BLOW TORCHES!

Neil T said...

Makes a change from the usual academic pitchforks. Honestly if I ever get this stuff to fly... I'm off and never coming back.