Monday, May 13, 2024

Permanent La Nina now in both oceans

 The idea of a permanent La Nina has been in the media lately.  Of course, this is an influencer concept, since the old cycles have been blown out of the water.  The last 'Phoney El Nino' was just a shallow return current that fooled the heck out of the satellites.  

Both equatorial belts have gone cold.  This was my hypothesis for a 'long ice cycle' like the Little Ice Age.  However, the side-bands are putting up a fight for warmth.  The Great Red Spot in the West Pacific is still cycling and providing warmth for the tropical regions.  The tropics do not have enough heat energy to distribute to the rest of the world.

I'm not calling these posts 'State of the Oceans' any more, since I have no idea what is going on.  You are better off just listening to influencer fairy tales.  Whereas we were supposed to be hot, they are revising history to explain after the fact.

Warm water is still feeding the spot with an 'island scoop'.  This has to end soon.

The Gulf Stream is now wobbling back to Spain.  It will be a fun winter in the UK coming up.

Due to the warm side-bands, the tropics are refusing to follow the seasonal down-trend.  This is bumping up the world temperatures slightly.

The world temps will not repeat last year.  We can expect it to drop as the seasonal change will chop the knees off the tropic temps.

The tropical heat bleeds slowly to the North American temps, but the Arctic temps say 'What heat?'.

The temperatures are now oscillating around a very cold average.  The band is very narrow, and I expect the line to join historic cold levels.

In summary, we can always count on residual ocean heat.  That doesn't go away very fast.  However, we are well into an ice cycle.  Thank goodness, we still have one-day heat waves for the influencers to hang on to. What would they do otherwise?  They make their living on this stuff.

With the tropical plumes almost non-existent, we can expect a standard summer of warm and cold clashes, with lots of rain for Toronto.  I have no idea what will happen to the Gulf of Mexico heat for Toronto, that seems to be a hot-spot on its own.

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