Monday, May 20, 2024

Wearing a mask is useless


I'm not going to say 'told you so', but I am glad they are looking into this.  Obviously, nobody at the top of the covid command chain would look at this.  The doctors used to say that masks were useless, but then they had to appear to be doing something, and caved to the mask lobby.

From the physics of the thing, covid has evolved to go straight into the eyes.  What would be fun, is to test what I suggested and just wear Bono Glasses, and see if that made a difference.  Masks have only been tested for coughing, but people without masks should cover their sneezes and such.  Once the particles are out there, you need some physics to see how long they take to settle.

I'm a big fan of using hyroxyl generators in the air.  The negative ions help settle out the particles faster.  Anyway, I think everything was wrong with procedures for covid, and I hope to never see another pandemic.  

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