Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Atmospheric physics and air turbulence


In the 70's, the last time we had an ice cycle, there were a lot of air turbulence incidents.  This caused a huge amount of physics being launched to measure 'clear air convection'.  All of this was shut down when physics went against 'The Ozone Fabrication' pushed by the '2 N's' for the sake of popularity.

Now, we have no physics, but I'm sure we'll have lots of influencers making up new stories.  Does that make you feel safer in a plane?  I'm glad they do such a good job.

If you want to cross to the other side, and embrace physics, then you should know that clear air convection increases in severity, during an ice cycle.  This was noted in the 70's where they used research planes with lasers.  Clear air convection cannot be detected by planes at the moment, but I am convinced that had the research been allowed to continue, we would have had a detector by now.  

Besides tons of money being wasted, thus killing a lot of people who are not served by the economy, we have direct deaths to lay at the feet of the influencers.  Now, the doomers are going after a ton of other things that could used some physics.  Our wasted money is destructive, like the Mayans killing all the jungle, to make white plaster for temples, or the Ancient Egyptians putting up pyramids. 

The forecast is for more deaths due to this.  A new story should come out every day.

ps. Yeah, it's all clange, no 'call for physics' expected.

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