Friday, May 31, 2024

My old volcano hypothesis finally tested


A long time ago, a tv producer contacted me and wanted to talk about volcanoes, and showing a mechanism on tv.  That was in the good old days, when people were interested in mechanisms, and we had the mythbuster show.  Now, it's all influencer hand waving.

Anyway, I thought about it, and it was all about chambers collapsing, as the main mechanism for repeat volcanoes.  The conventional thinking was that it was all magma injection, but that only worked for the beginning.  I developed a great idea for showing the 'stomp rocket mechanism'.  In the end, the producer was harried to do something quick and cheap, and they went with people just melting rock.  No wonder all that tv died.


ps.  I laid out all the testing required for this, and they apparently did it.  Of course, since nobody reads me, I'm glad they did physics with a mechanism.  

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