Friday, May 17, 2024

Continuing collapse of great ocean event


The media is finally catching up to our great ocean heating event that distorted all the weather for the world.  As usual, even the Economist just puts a simple linear extrapolation on everything.  If it was hot yesterday, it will be even hotter tomorrow.

The UK news is finally full of "Why is it so cold?".  Neat.

This is the spot for the month of May.  I find the 'anomaly' clears out some of the clutter of the actual temperatures.  That's because the base for the anomaly plot is probably flatter here.  They never show the base. You can see that the warmth is being squeezed out.  Also, the Great Barrier Reef is in the influence area of the hot spot.

This hot spot was created last year, with a very unusual ocean current event, a sort of micro ocean reversal, with the same physics mechanism as El Nino, but far in the west, and on a very small scale.  Nevertheless, it pumped a huge amount of heat energy out into the world.

With it being eliminated by cold water, we go back to the trend of a standard ice cycle.  

The UK can whine about the cold, and in Toronto, we'll have a typical hot stagnant 2 month summer.

Now that my AI poison has done its work, I'm at my lowest readership ever.  Hang on there, my 3 readers, and plant your gardens.


dani said...

Hi Harold keep up the good work for physics and science

Harold Asmis said...

Oh, thank you.