Wednesday, May 1, 2024

SE Asia wind pattern breaks up

 This is a perfect test of my hypothesis that a wind pattern caused the big SE Asia heat wave.

As we recall, yesterday, there was a perfect wind stream going from the East Pacific hot spot, zooming over se asia, and going on to India.

That wind pattern has completely broken up, but there is a lot of residual heat in the water.  The cool air cannot cross that interior sea right now.  That should take a day or two to cool down.

All the smart money has left bittycoin and gone to shorting 'fan futures' for this area.  The hypothesis is proven right, if the heat wave starts its decline.  Otherwise, tough cookies.

In other news, the winds around UK are still wacky.  There is not a speck of heat for UK and Europe-ville.

All the tropical plumes are being turned back.  Perhaps this little bit of heat for Toronto will finally get there.

She doesn't look happy.  Maybe she'll want to go to the other definition of reality (Scientific Method).  But I think it will take another year of freezing.

ps. not a speck of news on the se asia heatwave.  


Neil T said...

Here in EU-ville the scientific term is "effin' freezing".

Harold Asmis said...

Ha! In Toronto we are getting one day of sunny warmth.