Tuesday, May 14, 2024

World tropics temperature continues to correlate exactly with Great Red Spot

 So, we have another burst with the tropical temperature.  In physic-land, temperature has nothing to do with heat energy, which is what makes us warm and grow crops.  You can have narrow spikes of temperature that have almost no heat energy, and like Chinese food, you are cold the next day.

That dark spot comes and goes like an influencer heat wave.  The tropics temps go up, and it gives a little bounce to world temps, because the world temps incorporate that in the calculation.

Nooa has an ability to catch this on the peaks.  Amazing.  However, the farther away from the equator, we have no effect.

So, we are cold in the N-hemi, and I wonder about planting tomatoes.  I'll go with the beans today.

The temperature of the spot is totally dependent on the amount of 'scraping' from the islands.  As the season changes, the scraping will stop, but there is no timing on that, because of no physics being measured.  The great 'crime' of warmism, is the cancellation of all physics, because 'all the physics was done in 1850'.  I love those guys.

ps.  I am just gushing because of the miserable cold rain outside.

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