Monday, May 13, 2024

The march of civilization

 I'm inspired for more philosophy.  I have decided to rewrite history from a physics point of view.  God knows we have enough history rewrites from the leftwingers.  

Civilization is defined as boosting the economy enough to provide for an increasing population.  The hunter-nomads could not provide, and were all destroyed by the farmers.  Then they ran into the limit of farming - romantic sheep farmers, that all the leftwingers want us to be.  Problem is, they all died like flies.

It was clean water and sewage that elevated civilization, and that was the Romans.  They got more income by trading, which was an excuse to scope out the farmers for invasion.  Such whiners complain about all the people they killed, but those guys were going to die anyway.  The Romans died out and we had the dark ages of church leftwingers.  Lots of death, and a life expectancy of the Russians.

So, Western Civilization had the Great Three.  Greeks for philosophy, Romans for sewage and trade, and the Ancient Faith for finance.  Nobody else had that, and we tramped all over them.  Don't let me get into the Eastern Philosophy.

Of course, the leftwingers want us all to go backwards, and die.  All civilization is evil and must die.

The trumpies are all anti-civilization.  My son calls them anti-institution.  They want us to go to anarchy with warlords 'trumping' over us.  Of course, they want to be the boss, because everybody else dies.  The essence of civilization is to provide an extra margin over subsistence, so we can have leftwingers and philosophers.  All these people don't realize that without this margin, we won't have universities to set up tents.

Our leftwingers do not create wealth.  Just laugh at them and continue to make money.  Making money, while advancing civilization gives us clean water and sewers.  

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