Monday, May 6, 2024

Major dog attack in the neighbourhood

 Walking my laid-back 10 year old dog, on the leash thank goodness.  I was being warned by all the dog walkers that there was a big, well-fed coyote down the road.  Roxie and him are friends.  Somebody is feeding him, because he doesn't take care of the rabbits around here.  I suspect its the nasty people with the nasty cat, who are bribing him to leave the bird-killer alone.

Anyway, coming back, a big doberman, un-neutered, who has had trouble before was being razzed by a little black dog, owned by the russian guy.  That dog has attacked the little sucker before, and they were allowing a lot of hate to come out.  He should have just pulled the dog along, but they baited the dob enough that it practically yanked off the arm of the lady holding him and went in full vicious attack on the little back yappy dog.

Our russian guy went full rambo and tackled the dob.  He was in full dog rage and held him.  The lady was hopeless.  I pulled away the little guy and he nipped me.  My dog is going la-la.  The guy got the back of his hand slashed 6 inches, wide open, and only cared for the little dog.  There appeared to be no major injuries, but he got the full spine grab.

Good thing I flagged down a cop and told him there was some drama.  And the attack will be registered now, and that is a dangerous dog.  I'd put it down.

I got no pictures because I was right in the thick of it and assisting.

ps.  I saw the exact same thing 30 years ago.  Nothing like a dog going for the kill.

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