Thursday, May 2, 2024

Global warming going ballistic according to charts


Unbelievable heat for the Earth.  The nooa charts will show the same.  We are in tremendous warmth.  In Canada, we will all be doing this.

Can't wait to get out there.

But what's this I hear?  You are freezing?  Just get out gardening in the snow - wheeny.

Europe is getting huge blobs of cold coming down on it.  Perhaps, they should wear some clothes.

The Arctic is recharging once again.  In Toronto, we are getting one day of warmth, followed by endless rain as that cold clashes with Gulf air.

Daily world temps are unimpressed with the standard charts.

We are soon down to 'pre-heating' levels.

But, my little-bitty hot spot in the East Pacific is blinding the monthly main charts.  Good thing we finally have cold air hitting SE Asia.  This hot spot will soon be dead as the season flips.

So, in conclusion, if you pick the best chart, we are hot, hot, hot.  We need more windmills, and vast dead wastelands of solar cells.  Everything is good.

ps.  only in physics is there a difference between temperature and heat energy.

ps. Yeah, here come the doomer stories.  This will be all over soon.

Could it be a physics error?  Nah.

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