Thursday, April 30, 2020

Zoom Physics -- Evolution -- War of Molecules - Part 1

OMG, I am the world's worst video presenter.  No wonder all the influencers of the world can produce crap, they do it so well.

I think that anybody, who knows physics, is doomed to be a nerd, and to have no people skills whatsoever.  I hope that the few people who see this can commiserate.  Really, if you are a kardie or trumpie you can destroy the world and get rich.  I'm so envious. 

I can have an open Zoom meeting with chat questions.  It would be neat.

Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Evolution assumed we'd always be covered in dirt


This is good for my 'Physics in Evolution' series which I may or may not have written.  Let's say everybody you know is rolling in dirt.  Then a tiny gene mutation causes a big reaction with silica.  Tada!  You have an advantage.  As long as you keep rolling in dirt, just like my dog.

When you cut yourself in the garden, push out a lot of blood, and suck the wound before you clean up and put on the poly-sporin.  The blood cleans out any infection and the dirt starts the clotting.  Yeah!

Let your little kids roll in the dirt, or get a dog who does it all for you.  :)

Monday, April 27, 2020

Pacific Westerlies Pushing Out Our Cold Air

Yeah, the Pacific plumes are wiping out the lump of cold air.

Look at at that feeble thing!  Push it all the way to the UK!  This is a new pattern, but I don't know how strong (and long) it will be, since it is not supported by ocean currents.  If we can remove the cold lump, and just calm the ocean energy, then we can go to static air weather.  May will be a nice Spring, a bit cold.  That's good because my cottage is closed until May 31.

Sunday, April 26, 2020

Ontario Covid19 -- No Easter Bulge

For Ontario, Easter was a big test.  "Let's all jam together and let the Super-spreaders bring it on."  Much more severe isolation measures were implemented after this complete disregard for the government.  And for this Saturday, which was very pleasant, we had another test.

I'm not one of those yahoos who want the Big Yahoo to release us from prison.  He has responsibilities and rear-covering to do.  But this is solid math.  Big experiments, a null result.

Since everybody has had it, or has it, the testing results reflect either the amount of testing available, hypochondriacs, or those who hate their essential work.  One place has someone every day complaining about a fever.  They get out the temperature gun, and then say "Get back to work."  These people want days off.

So, we have a case of common government over-steering, without math.  They were late to start, everything they did had no effect, and they'll be late to stop.  I'm not complaining, since my life isn't bothered in the least.

And no use bringing politics into this.  This was guaranteed action, left or right, lib or con, trumpy or hillary.  :)

ps.  our cottage access is probably closed until May 31.  :(

Saturday, April 25, 2020

More cold April and May

We've had the coldest April in history and now we'll have the coldest May.  The cold Arctic air that brought back the Ozone Hole is deciding it will break up over us.

All the Pacific plume energy is bouncing off the cold and slooping down to us from the Yukon.  This pattern looks solid and is defending against a Pacific plume trying to come straight in.

WAIT!  I just went for the morning dog walk at a tropical 5 C, with sun and no wind.  Paradise!  And we will have 5 deg mornings for the next month.  We are so lucky!  So I want to change the theme of the article to WARMTH.  Time to plant the peas, broccoli, and brussels.  Tomatoes have to be in a greenhouse.

The UK is not as lucky as us.  Lots of horrible rain, as their plumes shove all the nice clear air over to us.

ps.  Sunday.  The Westerlies have broken through, and we'll be notching up a few degrees.

Trump Fires HImself

In a big power struggle, 10 personalities of Donald Trump beat up the other 8 and he withdrew from further Covid-19 briefings.  They were appalled at his attempt to inject his veins with Lysol, using a turkey baster.

It is expected that the power will shift back at night, for a twitter rant, when the wackies take over again.  :)

ps.  Humour Spoiler!  I thought of this when I read that Trump was being 'reduced'.  Who the heck can do that?  He fired everybody with a sense of decorum.  He is the only one who can reduce himself, and that would be a fight (with himself).

Friday, April 24, 2020

A panic caused by testing -- Covid-19

I just talked to guy who was on a cruise over Christmas.  He said everybody on the ship was hacking away with a terrible bronchitis.  Plus I have everybody in the neighbourhood with it over Christmas.

In the end it will be shown that this went through like a flu during flu season.  Our panic was created by the very serious impact on all the places that don't usually get flu or colds.  I just wish everything could get started again, especially the cottage marina.

The big distortion was caused by limited and new testing, what we never did before.  Anyone who is now testing positive should be asked "Did you get that horrible cold earlier in the year?".  I'll bet the number would be zero.

I'm going to add this to 'Grand Stupidities' by people who can't do math.  We are doomed to get an ever-increasing number of these things.  Oh well.

ps.  it should be noted that Bible Trumpers live in warmer climes.  That's why they should suck in more humid air, and inject themselves with bathroom cleaner.

Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Happy freezing cold Earth Day!

We do have a chance for warmth now.  The Pacific plumes are coming straight in.

You can see the residual of the high plumes that gave us a Yukon Clipper.  But now the plumes have changed their pattern again, and are trying to come straight in.  They are smashing against our cold air right now, but hopefully they win the battle.  If we get a combination of BC westerlies and the Gulf warm air, then we can have Spring.

And lest you think I'm a complete arrogant physics monster, we picked up in the valley today.

Dog in valley


Three heavy bags that we had to take home.  blah.

ps. It's also 'Male Depression Day'.  Please watch your favourite male.  :)


Darlington Refurb a Total Success


Now, here's where I was wrong, and now my 'wrongs' exceed my 'rights'.  No wonder that nobody reads me.  From what I knew, and their desire to defy physics, I thought this would be a costly disaster.  Those that read the news now know that everything is peachy-keen, as any tiny thing gone wrong would be suppressed by the PR department.  But we know nothing is wrong.

Darlington is the site of my famous 'Water Laser'.  They danced on the edge of chaotic disaster.  Lucky for them, changing the pumps to 7 vane knocked down the vibrations to sub-disaster.  The only disaster was that everything vibrated to death in just 20 years.  That's why we had the refurb.

It's fun to be always happy-happy.  Who wants to be an intellectual depressive like myself?  So they rebuilt it exactly the same, but the cost was way more than the 6 million dollar man.

I find this to be exciting.  A refurb means that some things will be different.  Hopefully they have stepped away from the edge of the cliff and are now in stable territory.  No vibrations, and everything lasts the 40 years that it should have.

It's amazing that should they have the vibration problems when they go full blast, we'll never hear about it.  I'll sleep well, with all my drugs.  :)

ps.  has anybody seen the words: 'On time, and on budget.'?

Sunday, April 19, 2020

Cold Arctic blob continues to break up all over us

Yeah, the big blob of extremely cold air is coming down on us in Toronto.  The Pacific tropical plumes are pushing against it up at Alaska, and the air is pushed down.  The blob is shrinking quite a bit.

I put away the plastic on my poly tunnel since it is too cold and huge winds keep smashing it.  Maybe in May?  Europe is having fun.

Thus, we pay the piper for having a mild winter.  All the cold air just stayed on top.

ps.  if you want hope that it will be warm again, these guys are going to help you.

Look how fast those windmills are spinning!  As in the 70's we'll have a hot July, and endless news articles.  Pass the beer!

Thursday, April 16, 2020

Wonderful study leaves out water vapour


This is exciting.  Can you have a complete lie, without telling a lie?  Yes, when you leave out something important.  Teenagers are great at this.  "No, I didn't break the vase.  It fell down and broke on the floor."  (not saying their nerfie gun knocked it down)

Well, parents know how to cross-examine, but nobody does this for climate papers.  Here, they are leaving out the fact that those volcanoes put out 10 times the water vapour, and that is 10 times more of a thermal blanket.

Steamy goes with hot.  When there is a smidge of water vapour, then other gases are covered by the water in any effect.  Even the experiments on tiny jars shows this.  Clouds keep things warm, and it is cold on a clear night. 

Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Tropical plumes scoop out the ice cream

This is what I predicted for April, and I'm freezing along with everybody.  All winter we had the weird Halvsie El Nino (hen), and it just produced short plumes to give us a very warm winter.  Meanwhile the Arctic was left alone to become very cold.  It produced the biggest ozone hole ever.

Now that air mass has to break up, and it's gooping all over us in Toronto.  The Pacific tropical plumes are scooping out the cold air and bringing us Alberta cold clippers.  This is what we would expect during a normal cold winter.

Monday, April 13, 2020

History of the Anxiety of the Ozone Hole

The new observation that the Arctic ozone hole is bigger than ever, strongly suggests a correlation with temperature.  We can do a little history of the big flap.


Before we had the carbon hypothesis, we had the ozone hypothesis.  They both could have been examined with a bit of physics, but they weren't.  Both things can be called 'Fun With New Observations'.  We had that with earthquakes for a long time.  You put in a bunch of new seismometers and you suddenly get a lot of earthquakes.  Does it mean anything?

The 70's and 80's were known for extreme cold.  We've had these decadal cycles throughout history.  Had Hitler and Napoleon chosen warmer decades they could have rolled over Russia.  We've had huge cycles like the Medieval Warming Period (mwp).

The mwp had warm-weather crops way up North, not duplicated during our current warming period.

At the same time we had tons of new data.

The aircraft observations produced the “smoking gun” linking CFC-derived chlorine to the ozone hole. The flight data showed a negative correlation between chlorine monoxide (ClO) and ozone: the higher the concentration of ClO, the lower the concentration of ozone. In 1988, the husband and wife team Mario and Luisa Molina described the chemical reactions through which ClO catalyzes the extremely rapid destruction of ozone.

This started the ozone frenzy.  In reality it was a 'spurious correlation' which we got all the time in the earthquakes biz, like weather and earthquakes.  In the normal course of the 'Scientific Method', this would be called a hypothesis, and then it would be tested in a laboratory.  But nasa was at a low cycle and needed a big boost.

In fact, a rogue faction in nasa did test the hypothesis in an atmosphere chamber.  They published a nice paper on how that chlorine reaction couldn't take place in the real world.  At the same time, nasa declared the whole Venus operation surplus, the Venus people had seniority, and wiped out the Earth atmosphere physics people.  Their papers were burned electronically.  Try to find one.

That began the great 'Earth is Venus' era, and the concept of 'greenhouse gases' which cannot happen in highly convective air.  Only on Venus.

Having had such a success with a spurious correlation, they went on to the carbon hypothesis, immediately made into a theory.

Sunday, April 12, 2020

The Covid-19 ground zero was not the Wuhan wet market

What does it take to evolve the perfect pandemic virus?  

20% must just carry the virus

20% must get really sick to have anybody notice it

10% must die

and who knows what else to get to 100%

There have been many failed virus attempts.  If you have a virus like Ebola, then just one lands on your and you die the next day.  100% instant death rate.  This virus cannot be a pandemic, and only exists for the worst conditions of humanity.

How about a Sars virus that doesn't do anything?  Spreads all over the world and nobody notices it.  No testing, no panic.

The doctors who can't do math think that a perfect virus pops out, and lands like a match in gasoline, right in the middle of a wet market (which is really just a farmer's market).  Perhaps the final product does that, but there have been attempts with the virus before.  If you know your math and physics, then you know this to be true.

We will never know how this virus came into being, since there was no testing, and everything went under the flu banner.  Here is the sequence as supported by a math person.

It was exactly like avian (duck) flu and swine flu, but it popped out of a wild animal.  Lots of humans around handling and slaughtering animals and eating their brains.  A virus pops out, giving a mild headache.  It goes back into the animals.  Nobody notices, since it doesn't meet the criterion of 'human to human' transmission.

The world withdraws from China because of the Trump trade wars.  Nobody in China has money to care about the world.  The next virus pops into a human, but reproduces well, and the virus goes back into more animals.  It finally hits success and becomes human to human.  All the animals are reinfected.  It comes out in human society as a flu, spreads around the world.  Nobody tests.

The animals are pickled with it.  Finally something comes out that meets the top criteria.  People start to notice, testing starts.  All the party-hearty people in flu country have had it.  Only the loners and whiners are left to be tested (and those people who enjoy warm weather).  Huge panic!  La la la.

Ocean currents - April 10, 2020

This is the Apr 10 map of ocean currents.  The Arctic current has stopped.  The Halfsie El Nino (hen) is shadow of its former self.  You can still see the residual of the 'triple layer cake' that gave us flu weather this winter. 

Basically, we have the main flow going east to west.  This is the usual flow 90% of the time.  On top of that we have the residual reversal, and then a very unusual east to west flow again on top.  This flow is not carrying any heat energy any more, and you can see that with the ocean temperatures and tropical plumes.

The tropical plumes are now going straight up and bringing the cold air down on us.  I had a tomato disaster with my outside cold frame.  All seedlings dead.  Blah.

Giant ozone hole over the Arctic

In another blow to the non-physics set, a giant ozone hole has appeared over the Arctic.  This is support for the hypothesis that it is just a temperature thing.  I've been pushing this hypothesis for a long time.  It could all be confirmed with some simple lab work.


However, if you believe in the consensus of self-interested Philosopher Scientists, then ignore this incident.  As the article says, it will soon be over.

This is a great video.

But, let bygones be bygones.  Let's wait for the next great thing the influencers will give us.  :)

ps.  and when the Next Great Thing appears, English Majors will flock to it like seagulls to french fries, and we'll have instant consensus.

pps.  It would be so fun to have the video of the giant cold jelly blob, on the same scales, with the tropical plumes attacking.  Then we also get rid of the jet stream concept.

Saturday, April 11, 2020

Everybody has already had it

I was talking to my son in California.  They think they had it, as well as us.  In January they both had a really bad flu.  Now all the people in our neighbourhood said they had a really bad flu or cold in January.

Perhaps it is time to open up.  or have an antibody test , or something.

ps.  if it arrived in Canada at Christmas party season, it would have gone through like a flash, and we wouldn't have noticed it.

The Rational World

Every once in a while I do a fantasy post on what it would be like to have a rational world.  This has never worked out because rational leaders can become greedy and want their idiot kids to be elites.  As well, they are susceptible to rabble rousers who want to kill them.

Okay, now I changed my mind.  Nobody votes for a rational world.  Let's look at the history of 'Great Stupidities'

Before 1900, the Great Stupidities (gses) were confined to Europe.  They would go into cycles of over-population, followed by plagues or wars.  As soon as there were too many young unemployed men, the powers were worried about a plague and started a war.  Plague would bother the old rich guys, war was a game.

WWI killed too many people, followed by the Spanish flu.  These were world-wide things.  The 1920's and 30's were a time of many gses.  Excess farm production, and then isolationism.  Excess financing.  The Great Depression was a combination of at least 2 or 3 gses.

WWII was the final burn-out of gses.  That started the Great Rationality period of the 40's and 50's.  Marshall plan, interstate highways, power production.  All allowing a rising standard of living, bringing people out of poverty.

People could eat and had it too good.  Then we went into a great era known as 'single issue politics'.  Everybody wanted something without thinking about basic wealth production.  We had a few good spurts of rationality like the World Trade Organization, moon landing, etc.

You look at every one of these 'movements' and you have to ask whether they lifted the standard of living for the masses.  What did computerization do?  What did Moores Law do?  How about Facebook and Google?  Were these just opiates for the masses?

Our problem is that now all the gses are colliding.  You can survive one at a time, but when they interact, it becomes an exponential.  Let's have a trade war with China so we can't look at their virus problem.  Lets spent trillions on single issues like ozone and carbon dioxide.  Let's ignore all physics and math, and look at video cats.

The combination of all the 'Single issue Grand Stupidities' will cause something big like a Great Depression.  Or, people might get tired of following 'influencers' and go for rationality before a big disaster.  I don't see any of that happening right now.  All the influencers are blaming the other influencers and neither of them could math themselves out of a paper bag.

But hey, I have a pension and a house jammed with young people.  The next big wave could be another repeat of 'Kill all the middle class and up'.  The media would make a lot of money with that.

ps.  this virus is not enough of a disaster to bring rationality for a few years.  :(

Thursday, April 9, 2020

Bomb Cyclone

Yeah, Toronto misses this!

You can see that over the past 5 days, Pacific plumes have slashed down and brought up Gulf warmth.  But that isn't the whole story, since a storm needs cold air as well.

These warm, moist air plumes represent 'Potential Energy' which is like holding a hammer over your foot.  Destructive energy, like a storm, is only released when it meets cold air, which is releasing the hammer.  This is always a major physics error by the warmies.  The carbon hypothesis only predicts uniform warming, not storms, but they take credit for them.  In fact, they'll take credit for snow storms, since they are just 'Winter Hurricanes'.

This is the dry surface air swirling into the warmth.  All weather is driven by the warm plumes, the cold air just responds.  Here we see the bomb cyclone is going to be fed by air streaming over Greenland at 50 below.  Rather than just dropping the hammer on your toe, this is throwing it down.  The total energy released is the 'difference' between warm and cold.

All winter, our tropical plumes just floated by us, keeping us warm, and not touching the cold air mass over the Arctic.  Now it is breaking up and time to pay the piper.  I'm so glad it's not hitting Toronto, since I just put away the snowblower.  Yeah!

ps.  the virus hasn't changed our retired lifestyle, other than it nearly killed me.  The economic loss is no greater than the carbon stupidity, the freon stupidity, oil wars, etc.  If we have money we blow it on stupidities.

pps.  and we found YEAST!  A bizarre ethnic store that nobody shops at.

Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Zoom physics 8 -- the whole earth

This is the last one.  It's the physics at the very large scale. 

Only with global temperatures starting to go down, can anybody talk about this.  Before, they would be shouted down by the spurious correlation between CO2 and global temperature.

But we can't have any more El Nino's.  We need a big plunge.  :)  (Actually, I would hate a big plunge.)

Global temperatures going down again

That Halvsie El Nino was powerful, half as strong as 2016.  But it was never recorded officially as a hen, because the physics is wrong.  They only measure weather disturbances at the usual source.  A hen is a totally new beast, and as with covid they botch everything up.

The Northern mid latitudes have zoomed up, but that's because of all those plumes that crossed it, and the warming season.

The North Pole had a big drop and that will be coming down on us all April.  blah.  At the top of the hen, the warmie press was all over these charts.  Now, they will ignore it.

State of the oceans -- April 8, 2020

Our Pacific reversal has gone, and will never be named as anything because the official definition is wrong.

Below is the sea surface temperature anomaly, which is the variation from an average.

The north Atlantic is much colder than normal, and there are big hot blobs north and south in the Pacific. 

This has resulted in a fairly undefined plume pattern.  By the time you get a hold on the pattern, it changes.

Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Zoom physics 7b - life at a small scale

I left out flying insects who have to use a snap to fly.  Some insects smash their wings at the top.  Others go super-fast.

Zoom physics - 7a - Vortex scaling

Vortex scaling is so neat.  At larger scales with a high Rayleigh number, a vortex forms easily.  That's the point where all heat transport in the air and water is convection, which is just shedding heat with turbulence.  At this point, there is almost no heat transport by radiation, it is tens and tens times greater with convection.  This is the final 'super point' where the carbon hypothesis fails.

Monday, April 6, 2020

Zoom physics - 6A -- Heat scaling

Yeah, more scaling!  We all evolve to our limits.

Sunday, April 5, 2020

Zoom physics 6 not happening

I can't do fluid scaling.  That's something that directly hits the carbon hypothesis pushed by the Big N's.  It shall remain a secret for physics people.  And since nobody has ever mentioned this before, I have to assume that I am the only one left.

ps.  I finally got a new insight into this, that makes it the same as regular volume/area scaling.  I'm so smart!  I'll take that to my grave, as well.

pps.  and I forgot heat scaling which controls the size of animals.  All secret now.

more:  I went to 6a. 

Saturday, April 4, 2020

Zoom physics 5 - Scaling Laws (solids)

Scaling laws are lots of fun when you use models for dams and such.  Now it's all digital.  Scaling is  one of my main problems with shake tables and earthquake engineering.  But I think all the young people in California are following me now.  :)

Just like the oil industry is following me for earthquakes in Oklahoma.   blah....

Friday, April 3, 2020

Cold air is on the move

Don't put away your snowblower yet.  The atmospheric plumes are attacking the Arctic, scooping out cold air like ice cream.

When you get more physics lessons you will realize this is a map of energy.  The weather people only look at this map below.

This is a map of surface winds, mostly dry winds.  The tips of the plumes appear as 'lows'.  These big swirling storms are really the 'finger puppets' of the energy plumes.  The weather people are obsessed with them.

So, as the finger puppet near Alaska pokes the ice cream air mass you can see it spilling all over the UK.  It's just as probable that it will come over us.

The lesson in both math and physics is that you must see things in the abstract, such as potential energy.  However, this means that you can't talk to anybody.

Thursday, April 2, 2020

I probably already had covid-19

Hindsight is a wonderful thing.  At the end of February we visited the brother-in-law in Huntsville.  He's a big mover and shaker at Deerhurst, and meets a lot of people.  He was just recovering from what we thought was bronchitis but he had to go to the hospital and was totally weakened.  Again, we thought it was walking pneumonia.  His wife was getting it, but only got a sniffle.

Then it roared through our family.  I have never been so sick from bronchitis.  It burned down my lungs and I was quite weak, but not flattened.  Then my wife got a little bit, my son got a sniffle, and his sig other didn't feel a thing.

We'll only know if I get the real thing, and think that the previous thing was nothing or we get the antibodies tested sometime down the road.

We self-isolated because of the cold, and didn't give it anybody except my daughter and her man who both just had a sniffle.

So, it was well into the community by January, and it was hiding under the colds.  Or nothing.  I'm going with this, since it makes me happy.  :)

ps.  if any of this is true, then it demonstrates how the power of exponentials is lost on non-physics types.  Wuhan was brewing in November.  Canada was brewing in Feb.  In fact, when my kids might have had it, they were at a big fashion event in Toronto with lots of Italians.....

It is the nature of exponentials to brew for a long time and then explode.  The fact that it suddenly broke over the whole world shows this.

ps if it actually was covid, then it helps with the pain to take huge amounts of my stuff.  :)

Zoom physics 4 - phase change

At the end I got confused between release and absorption of heat energy.  Condensation releases a lot of heat energy.  For our air conditioning we have the 'condenser' outside (hot), and the evaporator inside absorbing heat (cold).

Wednesday, April 1, 2020

State of the Oceans -- April Fools, 2020

Nobody thinks about physics, so everything I do is a big joke.  Sometimes I get depressed, but not this day.

The biggest Halvsie El Nino (Mother Hen) is over.  There has never been anything like that.  It rolled up the tide, made our winter mild, and forced a lot of water under the Arctic ice.

The tide gauge has shown all the effect of the recent warming cycle, and is now plunging.  It popped up for the hen.

The Arctic ice is finally turning up with the tap turned off.

Our tropical plumes are weak and we'll be cold, and the UK thinks it's going to be warm.

A whole bunch of physics indicators are confirming all this, and that and a couple of bucks can buy a coffee.

Doomed to never forecast weather


This is hilarious.  Without atmospheric physics they can't progress.  They lose trillions not being able to forecast big events, and trillions on carbon reduction.  And trillions with covid.  How many trillions are left?

Until they nail down atmospheric heat flow, and clear-air convection they'll be rubbing their heads.  But they killed all that when they doubled down on 'Earth is Venus'.  They cannot engage in a speck of physics without being totally destroyed.  So, we'll all stumble until something big happens.

We'll continue to stumble into huge disasters as long as PR departments are in charge.  Covid could have been stopped if they had international crews figuring out the exponential right away.  But the PR department kept saying 'No sharks in the water.'  With more test kits we could have stopped that nursing home disaster by finding the 'Typhoid Mary's'.  But PR is in the way.

We live in an 'influencer' world and these guys have to maintain their image.

**the process of evolving a killer virus is a long one.  There has to be continuous exchange between humans and the original host.  For months or years the virus doesn't bother humans much.  When there is a tiny adaption both humans and hosts start multiplying viruses.  Until finally it explodes.  We really had years.

Zoom physics 3 -- Heat Loss

Another video for covid shut-ins.  I'll do a few before the virus comes knocking at the door.  The virus is a great example of what happens when the PR departments are in charge.