Saturday, September 30, 2023

Cottage report - Sept 30, 2023

 We are staying a while longer, because the weather is so nice.  Heavy dew keeps the fire danger down.

Arctic cyclones continue

 The Arctic spillways are now getting entrenched as Alaska and Greenland.  So far, the spills are always hooking into a cold cyclone that sticks around for a while.

These will eventually smash into BC and the UK.  Those of us caught in the middle enjoy a pleasant fall.

Friday, September 29, 2023

Canada enjoys an umbrella for the cold


This is great.  The Arctic spills are pouring down on BC and the East Coast.  New York is under water, and BC has lots of snow.  Patterns only last a month or two, and it all changes.  It's weird how the wet air of the Gulf is being pushed away.  Enjoy it while you can.

El Nino grows - the wrong way!


The El Nino mirage, calculated by a subtraction, is very sensitive to slight changes in the real temperature.  This cancerous growth is caused by a break in the clouds.  On my vacations, the temperature went from quite cool to blazing hot in an instant, when we had clear skies.  It's a very powerful switch.

The ocean currents remain the same.

ps. My AI bots have left me!  I was getting exactly 4000 a day, and now I've back to my normal of near zero.  My 3 readers can be proud of their uniqueness.  

pps - nobody will remember this if it fails, but we have a super winter coming on.  You will sunbathe in the back yard.

more and this guy

That's a chopped El Nino and we've had a few since 2016.  That means a section of the Pacific Belt gets hot, and nowhere else.  It causes a small bump on the world temp chart.  I don't see this right now, but there is a reason for a super-narrow spike in the world temps, and I'm not seeing that either.

even more -- they can't show that image anymore.  It's gone from a deadly 'Spear of Destiny' to a penis.

Thursday, September 28, 2023

Cottage Report - Sept 28, 2023

 This is cold!

I can't send up the drone because of high winds.  We are having the fire at night.  Everything is very dry and we are hoping for some rain tonight.  

I love this type of weather, but it seems early.  I'm happy to close up next weekend, and run away from the very harsh winter coming up.

ps.  great drone shot today

All cyclones - carry on to England


Since 'cold cyclones' never die, they are all piling up for a conference in England.  I've never seen such a mess.  Could you imagine sailing in this?  No more cyclones on the horizon, so this mess will just chew itself up and die.

Wednesday, September 27, 2023

Stationary cyclones continue around UK


I just like looking at this.  It is great physics.  However, all the time, the cyclones bleed out any heat energy in the Atlantic.  They will soon be replaced by a straight stream from the Arctic that will freeze the Thames.

ps.  the twin cyclones on either side of us have diverted the cold, and left us in a static area.  This is nice and sunny at the cottage, although everything is dry.

Tuesday, September 26, 2023

State of the oceans - Sept 26, 2023

 Yeah, the current map is out, a bit late.

The equatorial belt is starting to pull right from the shore.  Cold water will come in, both from the depths, and from the south.

The clouds that make it cold in Tahiti are still there.  The cold water creates the clouds, and then that stops solar heat.  A powerful forcing function, that some would call unstable.  However, if any of these cycles didn't have a return forcing function, we wouldn't be here to discuss it.

Also, I was flashing the 'anomaly' vs. the real temperatures.  I'm not saying anything about 'if wishes were fishes'.

The N. Hemisphere has all the cyclone action.  Rather than caused by excess heat energy, these are all 'cold cyclones' caused by Arctic air.  Soon the NH will be uniformly cold, and the cyclones will stop.  Note how they are rather 'permanent' right now, like the 'Springfield tire fire'.  

When they burn out, we should be back to straight Arctic spills.  I'm fairly certain about the Greenland flow, which will freeze the Thames, but the Canadian flow we've been having all summer may go to Alaska.  

ps 'heat hurricanes' can never stay still.  The practically boil the heat energy out of the water, and must move along the hot water.  No weather person is interested in this mechanics of motion.

World weather in swirling chaos

 So, I woke up and there is not a single pattern in the world that I recognize.  Everything is swirling chaos.  I'm not even going to show a picture.

This happens once in a while with chaotic systems.  The solution is to go back to bed and wait it out.  

Sunday, September 24, 2023

Toronto back to blob weather


We are back to our 'minimum ocean energy' weather.  Cold blobs coming down and meeting Gulf of Mexico heat.  This gives us lots of rain and early snow this year.

As the last cyclones leave the Atlantic belt, Europe will have cold blobs again.  The long-range forecasts are leaning to cold weather.

The British tabloids are aligning with the Almanac, As the Men in Black would say, they know what they're doing!

The regular forecasts are bouncing back between cold and warm.  They are now changing their definitions of 'El Nino Weather'.  I'm not saying anything about that, we'll just wait for things to fall out.  However, I am seeing a lot of 'Magic Jet Stream' things as 'explanations'.  It looks they'll just forget about the EN mirage, and they'll go back to Dancing Vacuum Fairies as explanations for the cold.

So, we'll see a horrendously cold winter, and lots of hand-waving about various magical reasons.  In other words, the usual...

ps.  and this is a 'cold driven' cyclone in the North Atlantic

I saw these all the time last winter in the Pacific.  Just like this one, they were driven by two Arctic spills.  You can have many types of cyclones, the most common being 'hot driven' where there is very hot water and air going into the average air.  But this is extreme cold being driven into the average.  Neat.

pps.  everybody jumping on the 'cold winter' bandwagon.  A bit late, but all are welcome!  

Saturday, September 23, 2023

Strong ocean plume action may be ending

 Still no sign of an ocean current map.  

The last week or two has been characterized by strong Pacific plumes coming over NA.  

This gives us nice dry fall weather.  A far cry from the summer pattern of Arctic cold blobs meeting Gulf hot blobs right over Toronto.  That was a lot of rain.

However, the Atlantic Ocean has shot its load like it always does, and we are relying on the Pacific, which doesn't have much left.  All our warm, wet weather comes from the Pacific (sig. degree).  With no heat energy, we are left with very cold, dry air.  I have faith we'll still have lots of snow from the Gulf which holds the heat much longer.  

We should have a big snowstorm in October, which hasn't happened for a long time.  It's horrible, because all the leaves are still on the trees.  I remember that when I was a kid.  

As always, if I am completely wrong, it's new physics, which I will eagerly investigate.

ps. large vortex consumes little vortex, like black holes colliding.  So cute.

Friday, September 22, 2023

Linux - the great AI adventure

 I am replacing my Zoneminder system with Frigate.  It does AI recognition with an attached Coral accelerator, which does something like a trillion ops per second.  Being raised on linear processing, I find it a stretch to do parallel processing, but every graphics chip does that.  

I have just now finally got Docker working on the little computer.  It only likes Debian Stable, and I run Sid on everything.  Took me a while to figure that out.  Next comes Frigate and the Coral drivers.  I love a good project and will be so down when I've accomplished everything.  Then, on to the next impossible thing before breakfast.

Pacific plume action shuts down Alaska and Canada Arctic spillways

 This is just interesting, and doesn't mean much, but demonstrates an important principle.

We are getting a Pacific plume crossing the mountains, which gives us cool, dry air.  These plumes are also shutting off the Arctic spillways.  

All the Arctic air is now spilling over Europe.  The Atlantic cyclones have weakened and may no long be important to the weather.  This always happens, the Atlantic runs out of energy after hurricane season.  This short burst of energy may be the reason for the current narrow spike in world temperatures.

The ocean current map is very late, but the Great El Nino Mirage continues to get rattier, and may go away altogether.  

Thursday, September 21, 2023

Australia and heat


This looks like a one-day heatwave.  Lots of headlines, and now it's over.  You can see on the mimic that they were in stagnant air.  This makes for a giant solar sauna.  They panicked and declared the El Nino was upon them.  Nobody else has done that, they pushed it all back to January.  Poor Ozzieland, always dumb as dirt.  Gotta love em!

I'm glad they don't read anything other than crocodile stories.

ps.  If there actually is an intelligent Australian in the world, then I'm sorry.

Wednesday, September 20, 2023

Arctic air spills both through Alaska and Greenland

 This is the main action for the winter.  

I did Greenland yesterday, but now I noticed that Alaska is just as active.  The physics at work here, is density flow.  That is, the air mass over the Arctic is much denser than the surrounding air, due to intense cold.  

This dense air acts as a headpond for a leaky dam.  If a spill starts, it etches its way into forming a channel of cold.  That can be persistent for the winter.  Looking at the historical records for the Little Ice Age, it wasn't super-cold every winter.  To me, that meant that the spillways keep changing.  There are 4 zones, with a low elevations where the spills can take place.

Siberia, Alaska, Canada, and Greenland.  Last winter, it was Siberia, and that spill flooded California.  This summer, it has been Canada all the way.  Now, we have Alaska and Greenland.

I had assumed that Canada would have priority over Alaska, since it has been going all summer, but it is a close contest.  So, we watch and wait.  

ps.  This is the Wheel of Cold, where it stops, nobody knows.

Tuesday, September 19, 2023

Full Arctic Greenland spill deflected by storms

 This is just a pretty picture.  It has no bearing on anything.

That full spill is the future, but right now it is being deflected by storms.  Neat.

Australia goes 'all in' with El Nino

 The last of the hold-outs has declared the El Nino

I am in such a 'vacay hangover' that I won't say anything.  Has to be true if so many followers believe it.  

Monday, September 18, 2023

New mechanism for equatorial ocean heat


After being socked in at Tahiti, I am coming up with a new mechanism for heating the equatorial belt.

First of all, the currents are not driven by the wind.  The heat energy ratio is 4000 to one, and the tail can't wag the dog.  Simple measurements would prove this.  The belt is always cloudy and I kept thinking of mechanisms that could get by this.  Now, I don't have to hurt my brain on that.

If the side belts are clear, then there is tremendous solar flux.  In Tahiti, as soon as the sun broke through, you had to hide.  Unbelievably powerful.  This hot water convects to the belt (slight bulge).  You can see the high cloud over the cold water in the East Pacific.  

ps.  and yet, I'm thinking this is not sufficient.  We need a non-linear mechanism.

Phoney Pacific Anomaly is shrinking


This is getting pretty ratty.  The media is using the old plots.  This anomaly was caused by having very cold water (4C) as a base.  The stagnant temperature is about 25C.  This temperature is being driven down by cold water from the Antarctic.  

It's going to go away completely, and I wonder what they are going to use next.

Slight shift in NA weather


The slight shift since I've been away, is that some Pacific plumes are crossing the mountains.  This stops Arctic cold blobs from descending on Toronto.  They still look weak, and might stop.  This gives us moderate, dry weather.

Right now, it's cloudy, cool and rainy.  Just like Tahiti weather.

Back to Freezie-land


I'm back but my brain is scrambled.  We note the highest minimum Arctic ice since before the 2016 warming.  Not important.

ps.  I have no teeth in my brain to go after warmies and the Fantasy El Nino.  I'm just going to let the cold play out.  Everybody quotes the Almanac as gold.  I wonder how they got their forecast.

pps.  the ice shows that the current spikes in world temps have no energy.  All due to cyclones.  Sept should show a steep dive.

Sunday, September 17, 2023

Pacific Ocean is stone cold


I've experienced it first-hand.  So cold, everybody down in Tahiti was wearing a winter coat.  I just got along with a shirt.  Cold in Sanfran.

I have discovered that the culprit is clouds,  Specifically, steady high-altitude clouds.  Now, I have to discover what cloud cover allows heating of the ocean water.  A drop of water contains 4000 times more available heat energy than a drop of air (comparison by volume),  I suspect it has something to do with rain.

Landed at SFO

 That's a long flight from Tahiti.  I thought I was smart and overdosed on gravol.  Don't do that!  I got the heeby-jeebies and palsy for my computer finger.  Hope it clears up.

Looking from the plane I realized that the high clouds are all white, and act as an ice lock in the Arctic.  Makes everything cold.  Tahiti was clear when we left and we couldn't stand a minute in the sun.  Perhaps cool is best, but the young kids wanted more swimming and sunning.

ps. man, I feel like crap.  Got salt burns around my eyes.  No thinking for a while.  Can't wait to zoom into freezing Toronto, and see my dog.

Saturday, September 16, 2023

Mind-blowing Antarctica


This is fun.  The Antarctic temp has remained flat as a board.  The ice either expands, then it is 'mindblowing' ice loss, or it shrinks at mindblowing lows.  No pleasing anyone.  

Friday, September 15, 2023

El Nino is fashionably late


Yeah, from 95% in September to 95% in January.  Then 95% in March.  Does nobody question this?

El Nino is not defined by physics, but I have defined the mechanism.  Nothing is happening.

ps.  All the way back, I was watching the local tv whipping up the frenchy-commies.  Revolution is coming.  They want to kill the rich, and take their land.  maybe.  I'm not very good with french.

pps. not one paying tourist.  All those fancy sea-hut hotels are empty.  We think they should cut down the $4K price.

Global temperatures maintain the high levels


This is fun, if it doesn't drop like a rock soon, then it's back to the drawing board, and my hypothesis is shattered.  I thought I could predict the global temps by certain activity on the equator, but there may be other considerations.

RSS also shows a high August.  Everybody is happy, since these ups and downs are all clange.  The God Clange is a trickster.

The East Pacific is again showing one of my 'dry cyclones'  This injects warm dry air into the top of the thick atmosphere, and they are more powerful than I thought.

The 10 km zone is also showing a rise, but I haven't been following it enough to be certain.  Obviously, we need a global rise without the 10 km rise to make a hypothesis.  A dry temperature rise doesn't have any energy to keep us warm.  We will still have a horrendous winter with the Arctic spills coming over us, rather than Siberia.

A true El Nino is most likely a wet rise with lots of energy.  Without any actual measurements, we flounder, and blame everything on the God Clange.

ps.  Looking at MIMIC, we have a lot of cyclones all over the world, and this tends to spike the temps.

pps.  I have nothing to lose, if my hypothesis crashes and burns.  On to a new one!  In the Scientific Method, I use a hypothesis to direct measurements.  In the influencer world, nothing is done.

Thursday, September 14, 2023

US August starts to fall


This is a horrible plot, but when it is happy, they all go for it, and the news sells like hotcakes.  Now it is very mediocre.

State of the oceans from Tahiti

 Right now, freezing in Tahiti, tackling the fury of the Pacific Ocean.  

The horrendous cold of the ocean has finally hit the equator.  

That cold has crept up for a year now, and is here.  The Great Deception of warmth continues because the Pacific current has stopped.  

Totally stagnant, but, man, we have big waves.  And stinking cold.  

You can all live in Philosophical Paradise, if you think this is a good thing.  We are well into an ice cycle, and I would call this an Ice Age.  I've gone through what an ice cycle does, and it is only the suppressed elevations of the last ice advance that saves us from continental glaciation.  If we feel it down here, we will have snow in October in Toronto.

Without physics, we only have the Forces of the Universe to blame for all this.  It is like the ancient people.  I write this blog, knowing that it is against groupthink, but the cold will come anyway.  Neat.

ps. riding the front of the boat is a great inspiration.  Cold as heck.  But, if the place is filled with these high drizzle clouds then there is no solar heat to warm the earth.

Tahiti cold, Toronto colder


It's bitchy cold in Tahiti, and colder in Toronto.  They are finally going with my prediction of very cold for Toronto.  All due to clange.

ps.  they are promising the Great Pumpkin El Nino will save us from 30 below at Christmas.  

pps. on Friday, we have suffered a fishing line around the prop thing.

Morocco earthquake a devastating 'blind thrust'

You’ll find an old post from when I had to the energy to make diagrams.  These are the most devastating of all earthquakes because the pgv (velocity) is higher for magitude of any other mechanism.  

These earthquakes happen around the world, whenever there is compression on a mountain range.  For this, the compression is Africa jamming up against Europe.  You can count on one of these at a given spot every 500 years.  The pgv is about 1 m/s  and throws houses into the air, and sends down boulders.

Speaking of engineering physics, we can talk about old dams, rotting away, without an adequate spillway.  That’s called ‘dam safety’, and poor Libya.  Sad.

Tahiti trip a total sog

Ha, I lent my cheapo action camera to the divers.  It’s snorkel-proof but not dive-proof.  Sad.  But I’ll get a new one, just the base, since I have all the stuff.  The unstable streamers have given us rain overnight and morning, with a flash of sun in the afternoon.  At least our burning has been minimized.  I can’t recommend going to Tahiti this year, and next year will be worse.  They can’t predict the weather if they just blame everything on the Universe, or Magic El Nino.  If you can’t measure it, it doesn’t exist, but if you clap real loud you’ll save the magic.

  I did learn that you have to clamp the side windows with 50 pounds of force on your fingers.  We woke up again to soggy towels.

  The wind has been so strong I can’t fly my drone.  Also, the stupid thing got upset and it took me forever to learn how to reset it.  Works now.  

  We have a nice sail before us, and I hope we catch a fish this time.  No luck so far.

  Tahiti is just a big retirement home for the French.  Good thing they fight for early retirement.  We can see endless super-expensive resorts with the sea-chalets (Don’t call them huts).  Those are just for Parishiltons, who was here recently.  They are all empty.  It’s funny that if you travel off-season, you expect discounts, but not here.  

  If we catch a fish, I won’t be so grumpy.  

ps.  OMG, this boat is an old Euro train.  Don't flush in the station.  Crap.

Wednesday, September 13, 2023

Tahiti pictures


Bora Bora, a residual of the volcano edge.  The water is the caldera.


This is our weather.  We are at 20 S directly below Hawaii.  All the tropic action is above the equator.  No storms, just rain, sun, rain, wind, rain.  

Tuesday, September 12, 2023

Physics of the South Pacific - Part 2

The most important physics of the equator is the heat energy.  I’ve written on this many times, but it is fascinating being here.  Right now, all the action is north of the equator, and we in the Tahiti area have nothing but sun showers and sun.  All rain and storms in the upper hemispheres come from the equator.  Without this moisture and energy, we would be laminated dry deserts.  

But the physics you can see is the geology of the region.  The Pacific crust is a big dead zone of sinking basalt crust.  This crust is only rising when there is a hotspot underneath it, a deep plume up from the mantle.  It only carries non-quartz rock, black basalt.  If you take two pieces of rock from the beach in cottage country, one pure quartz, and one pure black basalt, you will notice the basalt is about twice as heavy.

On this dormant island chain of Tahiti there are no active volcanoes.  The plate moved past the hotspot a million years ago (+ or -).  Then it was all erosion and sinking.  As mentioned many times, the warmie myth of rising sea level is hocus pocus.  These islands sink.  Absolute sea level is not changing.  Very low atolls will soon join their brothers under water.

A huge land mass like Tahiti formed a coral reef around the entire land mass.  The corals can keep up with the sinking, and once they form they stay forever.  Thus you have the lowlands sinking underwater and a large reef around the bunch of islands that were high points.  Bora Bora has a very resistant spike.  Must be fantastic rock.  

Physics of the South Pacific - Part 1

This place is just rolling in physics.  The most important physics is that of the pearl.  It is formed by secretions that build up the whole oyster shell.  There are many varieties of oyster, but only a few create the ‘Mother of Pearl’.  There are many myths of pearl creation, and I remember many of them, that I have learned over the ages.  Like all popular myths, most of them are garbage.

Oysters are filter feeders with big ‘lips’ to do the filtering.  These lips are the part that builds up the shell, to create a big oyster from a small one.  With a pearl oyster, the inside is beautiful, and was the main jewelry decoration for the ancient people.  The spherical pearl is a modern innovation from Japan.  It is nearly impossible to form a natural pearl, since the lips lay down a line.  The garbage is that a natural pearl comes from a grain of sand.  That doesn’t happen.

The process of the cultured pearl starts with examining tons of oysters.  They can only open them an inch with clamps and look inside.  If the inside has a beautiful mother of pearl, then the poor bugger is sacrificed.  They chop up the lips into tiny 2x2 mm pieces, and get about 50 pieces.  A good donor is very rare.

Then they take a machined ball-bearing from Japan, made from Mississippi freshwater mussels.  People eat the mussels and save them for Japan to buy.  They have a ball-bearing process (super secret) that creates perfect spheres of various sizes.  They have also sewn up the entire supply.  The Tahiti pearl people buy sacks of them at 50 bucks a pop for about 100 blanks.  

Then the fun.  They open the ordinary bland oysters, and cut a little slit into the egg sack.  They are like worms, hermanphrodites, but they probably accept other sperm and reject their own.  Then they put in the blank along with a tiny piece of lip from the donor.  The lip is alive and is happy attaching itself to the blank, and growing all around, forming a sack to protect itself.  Over a year and a half later, it is ready.  They carefully cut into the egg sack again, after checking if there are eggs.  If there are, then they put the oyster into the colder water, and it releases.  Baby oysters are free-floating plankon, until they attach to ropes and nets.  They take these and raise the babies on ropes.

Once the oyster is empty, they cut into the egg sack again, and then into the tumour of lip.  Out comes the pearl.  Only 30% are sellable.  Then in goes a new blank.  And the circle of life …  They can do this for about 5 times, then it’s into the pot.  It takes years to grow a matched pearl necklace.  Perfect champaign pearls and necklace cost $5K.

This could be ridiculously easy for a vapour deposition process fo make pearls, but we may wait a few years.

There is a huge process of sorting the pearls and then they have to ship them to the big city to certify.  They have to have a thickness of the nacre of about .8 mm.  False pearls would have a very thin plating and instantly be destroyed once you put them on.  Only buy the certified ones.

We got some very nice single-pearl earrings for about $300 US bucks.  Very distinctive.

The mountain house

 We are staying at an authentic Polynesian experience.  Great view, no toilet seat.  Two in the party did not like the open-air situation and left us for over night.  We went to a nice beach and historic site.  

We are on the boat now, and having a great time.  I'm not looking at any news.

Saturday, September 9, 2023

Spaceship Tahiti

This is just a dream that will never get by the leftwingers.  I’m just using up brain juice on the long ferry ride. 

The island of Tahiti is a volcanic island, and the whole chain consists of smaller islands, and atolls.  On Tahiti everybody lives on the very thin outer edge.  The whole economy is black pearls and tourism. It appears that the tourists are slow coming back, everything seems rather empty.  I give it 5 years before nano-tech copies the pearls to perfection.  It was the same with lab diamonds.

I love it here, and so will the entire world.  However, there is no more space.  So, although it is quite lively here, you’ve got another 20 years of paradise.  They will have to restrict the population, which destroys the vibe, and the land prices will go through the roof, or be rationed. All of which destroys brain power.  All the brights will leave.

My idea is as bad as using physics for weather forecasting.  We turn Tahiti into a spaceship.  The plan is to tunnel into the volcanic rock and create huge chambers.  The rock is good, but porous.

We will put in a small sodium reactor, or in 20 years we have practical, small fusion.  It will be way at the bottom of the complex and totally safe.  At the beginning, the chambers will be used for industrial facilities, such as water and sewage.  The coral is sensitive to the tiniest bit of nitrogen and we have to expel water that is cleaner than we take in.  

There could be hospital facilities, and worker housing and sports facilities.  Modern technology will make underground living quite pleasant.  Full spectrum bright lighting.  Most important are generators for hydroxyl ions.  No covid spread here.  Screens everywhere will be windows.  Tourism remains on the outside edge.

The chopped-out rock will be basalt.  It can be ground and used everywhere.  Ships will take it out for road aggregate.  It can be used to augment the atolls.  The coral reefs have evolved for sinking islands.  There is no rise in general sea level.  Only the warmies believe that.  The atolls have many islands that have sunk, and these can be raised, like Chines imperialist islands.  Great spots to relieve tourism pressure.

This can be easily done for a fraction of what musky lost, being a twit.  Like spaceyx, you can do things to keep up the cash flow, and this is ten times better than going to Mars.  The first thing is selling aggregate for island building, at 10 bucks a yard.  The first caverns will be used as warehouses for Amazon.  They can chip in a few billion.  

We are now in the remote islands.  Not enough money for the listless males.  Not a speck of tourism.  I give it 5 years, but it is already lost to tourism.  They have decided to make up for covid by charging a fortune for the jungle hovel that we are now in.  Anybody got a toilet seat?  

When we hollow out the whole island, we can start on tunnels to other islands.  This is the most stable rock in the world.  We can keep the surface pristine.

Wednesday, September 6, 2023

State of the oceans - Sept 6, 2023

 Here I am, reporting on the Pacific Ocean, while on that dang ocean.  Neat.  

The ocean currents are exactly the same as they have been for months.  This is a mostly stagnant situation, compared to the historic norm.  That caused the huge temperature anomaly off Ecuador, which the yo-yo's have interpreted as El Nino.  I've talked to some of the big guys at nooa, and they know what's going on, but are muzzled.  This is funny, since the warmies always complained of being muzzled.

It's just that 'positions' of the PR dept are so important.  They kill all scientific comments.  I'm happy to be retired, since the old company went this way, too.  Used to be technical people talking to the press, but the press abused that by tricking them and taking comments out of context.  blah.

ps.  Big cold blob coming down to Toronto.   Ha ha.

Crossing the Pacific equator

 This is the source of all heat energy in the world, to 80%.  I loved flying over it.  Lots of cloud chimneys, or vortex tops.  Such an inspiration.  i'm formulating the hypothesis between dry and wet cyclones.  I shall now wait for somebody to do the measurements.  This is the main crime of the big guys who should do this.  The huge jet was hitting turbulence all the time at 40,000 ft.


The Kardi life.

Monday, September 4, 2023

Spencer world temps go through the roof


As I go for a holiday, the temperatures have zoomed and have retired me.  I can't see any physics for this.  That means it's back to the drawing board.  I am totally floored.

I have faith that this involves physics that I haven't figured out yet.  That's not difficult, since nobody is measuring anything.  But it's a perfect time to vacate the normal world, and soak in the South Pacific.  

The only hope for my projection of influencer gravitas is that this is a spike, soon to die.

ps.  the spike could be caused by all the cyclone activity.

pps.  the big problem is that spikes are 'out of physics' since there is almost no energy.  I am abandoned. 

Sunday, September 3, 2023


 Yeah, our flight has a leaky toilet and it's 4 hours delayed, maybe going on to 6.  This gives us lots of compensation.  Right now, they will duct tape the toilets and we go to Chicago to get a new plane.  This is fun.

ps. I'm making a hundred bucks an hour.

pps  lots of people changing flights.  Might only be a few of us left.

more - somebody shoot me!

Ahhh flight cancelled and they threw us to the wind. 

more - Never book air canada with a flight where they sell you as slaves to United.  Then they say - Nothing to do with you slaves...   Finally, really, really begged to the United people who kicked us off, and my crying got to them, and they opened up the only United station within 50 miles.

Finally got a 5:30 flight to Chicago, and now we are here in the windy city, waiting for the flight to sanfran.

ppps - more terrible things, but in sanfran now, and I have forgotten it all.

fin.  landed in Tahiti.  The plume heads, seen from the plane are great.  The big dreamliner went around some of them, and we always had rumbles.  I wish somebody would study these before I die.  This is the cradle of heat for the whole world.

Saturday, September 2, 2023

Super-typhoons pour heat over us


You can have a steady pattern for the ocean plumes, and then, poof, it all changes.  This is the essences of chaotic motion.  However, the hurricanes and typhoons are usually a short-term thing.  They are activated in the autumn because of cold air hitting the warmth.  

I am relying on the fact that there is very low heat energy in the oceans right now.  The cyclones will further drain this, and we should get back to a winter pattern.  But who knows?

A wet cyclone is formed by an Arctic air stream hitting a warm air zone.  It takes out a lot of heat energy from the ocean, but just spreads it around locally.  I am interested in dry cyclones formed on high-speed and coherent ocean current flows.  This is what spreads the heat with an El Nino.  The mechanics is fascinating.  We aren't having any of that in the near future.

ps.  the Arctic is totally closed in by ocean heat plumes.  I'm saying that this is temporary because of the cyclones.  During the big warm spell before 2016, this would be normal and give us mild and short winters.  So, enjoy the warmth while you can.

pps.  I'm finally gone, off to a land below the equator.

Friday, September 1, 2023

July sea level down


This is a strong signal for me.  When it is low, I know that nothing is going on in the Pacific.  The ocean acts as a thermometer and expands with heat.  The big doomer story of the seas rising has faded away.  It was always bad math.  

All those doomer stories will fade, and nobody will dredge them out of the mud.  It's always 'on to the next one'.  Such a wonderful world...

State of the oceans - Sept 1, 2023

 The videos of the ocean currents are out again.

The above is the Pacific belt, and it is now in a state of chaotic flow.  The ocean current flow is very important for both hot and cold episodes.

As shown in the ocean temp plot, there is no heat energy going up north, through the Greenland Gap.

The ocean temps reflect the currents.  The temps look unmoving, but all the various departures from 'latitude control' are due to vigorous current flow.

And finally, this is the buggered-up graphic that is in all the media.  No matter how they push it as 'El Nino', it is stagnant, and El Nino must grow to live.  This parrot is dead.

I think that around Christmas, they will end the El Nino doomer story, and go onto something else.  You'll never know what happened to the poor thing.

ps.  I'll soon be going right into the Pacific belt, doing physics with a bottle of beer.  It's all for the climate, so it's guilt-free, just like allygore.  Toronto will be as hot as the Pacific, but it will end with a terrible storm, as the cold rushes in.  No worries on my beach...

8 trillion dollars after Australia - Canada next


Yeah, and not a speck of physics behind them.  They must be totally right.  They also must worry that none of their investments do anything.  Anyway, that's a heck of a lot of groupthink power that we must try to avoid.

Vortex energy spills heat over the world


NA has a Pacific slashing plume, which always brings up hot air from the Gulf.  This hasn't happened for a while.  Also, the Atlantic vortexes are barreling straight North, and this might affect the Arctic.

I have faith that the Arctic is staying quite cold, and we should resume blob motion after the cyclones.  

ps.  the cyclones always come at this time of year.  It is more from the cold air digging them out, rather than hot air gushing.  The most important thing for the winter forecast is the Gulf Stream.

Last year, warm water was pushed up into Greenland Gap.  None of that this year.