Thursday, September 14, 2023

State of the oceans from Tahiti

 Right now, freezing in Tahiti, tackling the fury of the Pacific Ocean.  

The horrendous cold of the ocean has finally hit the equator.  

That cold has crept up for a year now, and is here.  The Great Deception of warmth continues because the Pacific current has stopped.  

Totally stagnant, but, man, we have big waves.  And stinking cold.  

You can all live in Philosophical Paradise, if you think this is a good thing.  We are well into an ice cycle, and I would call this an Ice Age.  I've gone through what an ice cycle does, and it is only the suppressed elevations of the last ice advance that saves us from continental glaciation.  If we feel it down here, we will have snow in October in Toronto.

Without physics, we only have the Forces of the Universe to blame for all this.  It is like the ancient people.  I write this blog, knowing that it is against groupthink, but the cold will come anyway.  Neat.

ps. riding the front of the boat is a great inspiration.  Cold as heck.  But, if the place is filled with these high drizzle clouds then there is no solar heat to warm the earth.

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