Wednesday, September 6, 2023

State of the oceans - Sept 6, 2023

 Here I am, reporting on the Pacific Ocean, while on that dang ocean.  Neat.  

The ocean currents are exactly the same as they have been for months.  This is a mostly stagnant situation, compared to the historic norm.  That caused the huge temperature anomaly off Ecuador, which the yo-yo's have interpreted as El Nino.  I've talked to some of the big guys at nooa, and they know what's going on, but are muzzled.  This is funny, since the warmies always complained of being muzzled.

It's just that 'positions' of the PR dept are so important.  They kill all scientific comments.  I'm happy to be retired, since the old company went this way, too.  Used to be technical people talking to the press, but the press abused that by tricking them and taking comments out of context.  blah.

ps.  Big cold blob coming down to Toronto.   Ha ha.

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