Sunday, April 30, 2023

Toronto housing 'Dead Cat Bounce'

 A standard 3 bedroom has sold for 1.4M and a big early monster house across the road is listed at 1.8.  There were several bounces after 1929, and it was said that even a dead cat would bounce if dropped from high enough.  **No cats were harmed in the making of this saying.

Now's the time for everybody to list their homes at peak prices.  If anybody is underwater, the banks will do a deal.  A lot more listings will test the cat situation.

Spacex - The engineering of launching an unlaunch-able rocket

 It is possible to design a rocket so intense that it cannot be launched in the normal way.  The rocket acts as a heat lance you see on safe-cracking movies.  The natural course would be, that the rocket digs to the centre of the earth.  This is pure geotechnical engineering we're talking about, a lost art that everybody thinks they can do with their computer.

Geotechnical engineering is about the strength of materials for rock and soil.  I also use it for earthquakes, but nobody else does.  Everybody just assumes that the strength of rock and soil is infinite.  Look at earthquake engineering using solid steel as the base-plate for shake-table tests.  Always wrong.

Spacex designed a concrete lance, which is difficult to do.  Concrete does not melt but turns to powder when exposed to extreme heat.  That's how it is made.  It is also very weak in tension, which is why we have reinforcing steel.  But high pressure tears apart concrete in local tension, which cannot be stopped by the steel.  Concrete can be easily cut apart by a water jet.

So, the big rocket, also known as 'Not a flamethrower", has everything it needs to turn concrete to dust, and blow giant concrete rocks everywhere, which is not good for rocket engines.  I suspect the rocket was flying with a dozen banged-up engine nozzles, and those are the most important part.

So, I've been thinking of a thousand ways to launch this flying pig.  You have to use methods to reduce the stress on the concrete, but still maintain the nozzle pressure.  Good old Nasti Von Braun, my hero, used a water jet for the Saturn 5, but this space disaster is a factor of 100 about that (who knows?).  Nasa banned the whole thing for reason.  There could not have been a bigger blunder.

I'm thinking of a huge rocket launcher structure that can hang the rocket way in the air.  This structure would have to be 5 times bigger than the rocket itself.  It is part 'space elevator'.  The rocket nozzles are 50 ft above the ground.  When the engines ignite, it also starts to lift the rocket up by cables, thus reducing the pressure.  Naturally, this is much more expensive, and since they have no clue as to the forces here, this structure might also blow up.  Had they a brilliant geotechnical engineer, they would have monitored everything like an earthquake, so we could figure out the forces.  

ps.  Here is my imaginary rocket going to the centre of the earth.

Continued Arctic flow makes Toronto miserable

 We are all glad there is some warmth in the world.  I know that Spain could take a little bit of our rain.

We are getting an Arctic spill right down the middle of the continent.  This keeps fighting with the Gulf of Mexico air, and results in continuous cold drizzle.  I can't even put the tomato trays out.  The peas are doing great.  We've got a lot of asparagus poppin out, and we've planted the brocc. 

Commonly used chart is no longer safe for media


This chart was used yesterday, but a slightly older version.  Do no use this chart!  It is coughing out a math-error hairball.  I can't figure out if it is an Arctic ice thing, or the weird ocean chickenpox.

The sst anomaly maps has huge cankers overlaying cold water jets.

You can see from the 'straight' temperatures that there are no hot spots or precursors to El Nino.  Just math errors.  

For the media, it is best to go back to tiny heat waves right now.  However, it's only really hot in Africa, and that doesn't get any clicks.

Do not cover the fact that Toronto is having miserable, cold rainy weather.  

Saturday, April 29, 2023

New climate chart for the media

 I introduced the old chart on Mastie.  I knew it was a trap, but here is a new one that isn't a trap.

This is the sst anomaly map, and it shows the same huge spike at the end.  This certainly puts the icing on the cake.  No big plunge for a month.  Yeah!  

Canada gets a full Arctic spill


Miserable, cold, rainy weather for another week or two.  Blah.

Climate math-error chickens come home to roost

 Math errors either get worse or clear themselves.

This giant math error is clearing itself.  There will be no comments on this.

The ocean temperature-anomaly error is spreading like chicken pox.

It is showing strong warm anomalies on ocean sections are colder, for some reason.

Without physics, there's nobody who says "Doesn't look right"  There are only slavish AI's who state that it isn't their job.

ps.  this is zooming, tiktok must have condemned me again.

Friday, April 28, 2023

Canadian Mortgages -- To Infinity and Beyond!


We won't get a housing 'correction' (crash), without distress selling.  Not happening.  Canadian banks are saying 'Don't pay back the principle'.  But that's not enough, you need to dissolve a chuck of principle every month and put it into interest rates, so there's no default.  That means you increase the 'payback' time every month.  It's now approaching 100 years, and it will go over that.  It's the rate of the payback time increase that is important here.

For Canadians that are under water (mortgage more than its worth), it is best not to pay anything, stay in the house, and watch the payback time zoom to infinity.  Have another beer!

This is probably worse than the Japanese bank failure, where everybody had 'bad loans' they ignored.  I'm surprised the government will allow going to infinity, but they don't want debt failures either.  But, the recession is useless without this.  Interest rates will have to go up as everybody buys new cars with their phantom money.  Neat.

Right  now, the true discount on housing is 50% (or more), but lots of people are putting houses on the market at either zero or 20% discount.

ps.  whoops.  As soon as the payback per month goes to zero, you are at infinity.  To go beyond, they must be constantly increasing the principle, and they must throw some of that at the payback, in order to keep it from going over 100 years, which would look bad.

State of the Oceans - The problem with a lack of physics

 This era continues to shun all math and physics, in favour of influencers.  Eventually, all the old measured physics runs ragged, and math errors accumulate.  My favourite spacex, which I thought was the last bastion of physics, got destroyed by miscalculating the loads on concrete by two orders of magnitude.  Lots of people could have been killed.

The new ocean currents map shows a rare thing -- a cold reversal of the Pacific Belt.  Never before seen, this is a big current reversal, but cold.  El Nino is a hot current reversal.

This may have caused some weird local effects that we'll never know about.

That zone is now being swept away.

This is the 'chart of the week'  We won't be seeing that any more, because it is diving worse than bitcoin.  If we measured anything, we would know what is going on, but I think the two things are different physics.  The Arctic ice is staying a bit longer, and this mucks the above chart, but I don't know what the 'Birth of El Nino' thing was.  Not a speck of it on the main sea temperature chart.

The Belt is very cold and we can say the birthing pains were a false alarm.  

Thursday, April 27, 2023

Fish totally wrong about math error

 In all fairness, I do admit when I'm wrong.  I asked them to check if there was something wrong, and they said it all checks out.

It's correct because they get the feed directly from NOAA, and it was on the BBC.  My only defence for my Spacex-type huge calculation error, was the map of direct ocean temperatures.

There is nothing there.  If anything, it looks colder.  I've done a lot of automatic contouring, and it resembles what happens if one number is wild, like a default '99'.  Of course, it isn't that, and it is now a fact.  This is the precursor to El Nino, and they show the end of the old El Nino as proof.  You can find the full pictures of 1997 and 2016, on my site, somewhere.

Obviously, I have to stay out of this now, since it is enshrined.  They'll be doing a tiktok dance now, that I'm a big, fat loser.  It's better than being declared a witch, and burned at the stake.

If there is anybody in the world who can do math, I strongly encourage them, also, to stay out of this.

Wednesday, April 26, 2023

Big undeclared math error continues to boil the oceans


Perhaps it is 'Ocean Cancer' instead of a Water Volcano.  Since I have been burned at the stake by tiks, I'll just continue to report on this until it suddenly disappears.

ps.  this has now become entrenched as a 'climate fact'.  I'm giving up, but I don't think it is stable, so it might get ridiculous.  Not that they would notice.

Tuesday, April 25, 2023

Interview on the late, late, late, show

 Hi, I'm Alf of the latelatelatelate show.  We are desperate so we are talking to Mr. Fish who has recently discovered a Giant Water Volcano.

A:  Hello, Mr. Fish, you have recently made a big discovery, but nobody has heard of it.

F:  That's right, I've been cut off from all means of communication, by the Tiktok dancers.  Actually, there are no more means of communication now.  The billionaires have cut everything off.  There is only dancing, and I'm not really up to Hulu arm movements.

A: That's ok, nobody watches this show.  What does this fantastic discovery mean to the world?  

F:  Obviously, not much.  

A: Thanks for talking to us.

Giant Water Volcano threatens to bring climate change tomorrow


There it is, just off Ecuador.  It is the hottest ocean water in the world.  It is so hot, it is off the charts.  Fish must be dying by the droves.  The Water Volcano is driving up the world charts.

The water volcano is driving up the world charts to unheard of levels.  NOAA has not reported on this, but it is so important that they have touted the charts as significant.  It is spreading and soon, will take over the entire ocean.  

The mechanism of this is the pent-up heat of the missing El Nino.  Just the cold water of La Nina has caused an imbalance, and hot water is gushing up from the heat reserves of the deep ocean, so eloquently described in many reports.  You can see that the Galapagos Islands will soon be consumed by the water volcano.

It's a travesty that this has not been reported on.  Where are the Guardian reporters?  Have they been detained by the invidious oil companies not giving them jet fuel?  We need to know.

  ps.  an authoritative AI has written a blurb for this, suitable for publication

A Class 5 Water Volcano has appeared in the Pacific Ocean off the coast of Ecuador.  It is the largest known water volcano to ever appear.  It has been named Titanus, after the ancient Greek God of the spa.  No fish or animals can live with this heat, and they are evacuating, courtesy of the world's navies, who must also be careful of the hot water, which can melt steel.

This hot water comes from the deep Upper Mantle of the Ocean, which has been storing up all the heat from Climate Change.  It has reached its limit and now there is disaster for the world.  1.5degC is now a day-dream, this will bump the world temperatures up 100 degrees or more.  All citizens are advised to start digging holes to survive this.

pps.  This is actually worse than what the AI says.  This is an Undeclared Math Error in a subject riddled with math errors.  if one UME exists, how about all the others?  Are we soon to be hit by huge meteorites who will wipe out our dinosaurs?  Very serious.

End of Satire

 That phase has now ended.  I have shaken my tiktok tail.  I've been booted off Newsnow, because I was making fun of the UK.  Now, everything is serious again.

I am just restricting all comments to things that won't cause trouble.  Unfortunately, that is nothing.

Choosing the right chart

 It's very important to choose the right chart.  The wrong chart can give the wrong impression, and could even be a Denier Chart.

For example.

The Pacific anomaly chart now shows no heating in the Pacific belt.  When El Nino was declared, it was showing a wedge of heat from the East.  Luckily, it still shows a giant hot blob right against the coast.  This is a True Believer Chart.  This is cleared for publication.


However, this is the actual temperature chart.  The anomaly chart has an 'average of the day' subtracted from the temperature, and can have some issues.  The temperature chart shows very cold water up against the East coast, off Ecuador, and this is not on the anomaly chart.  Therefore, this is a Denier Chart.  

ps.  if we are lucky, that super-hot blob on the anomaly chart could be the reason for the Giant Zoom on the accumulated anomaly chart, and the NOAA world temperature chart.  Some people could be blowing it out their nose about the Arctic ice extent causing this.

pps. and to quote the old movie:  When the popular chart conflicts with the denier chart, say "What denier chart?"

more:  Please note that this giant 'Water Volcano' does not exist, much like bitcoin does not exist.  You cannot send tourists there to get blown up.  I am not going through all the back-charts to find the exact math error, since that's work.  Just be prepared to ghost this chart, and say "What El Nino?"  That works every time.

Spacex blows through the limits of physics

 Humanity has always been limited by physics, but no more!  The biggest limit was the strength of materials.  The Bronze Age was destroyed by the Iron Age.

You would think we'd be limited by the strength of concrete, but not anymore.  We can launch with concrete debris and iron rod all over the place.  Would that knock out an engine or two?  Perhaps nothing was learned by the explosion in the air - one bonky engine would shake the whole thing apart.

But concrete is such dull engineering.  Perhaps, like nuclear plants, they contracted all that out.  It has nothing to do with shiny rockets.  

ps -- Twas concrete that killed the Big Beast.

pps - This is dieselgate all over again.  Imagine an engineer, and a snorting MuskyTusky comes charging at you "Make this pig fly!"  You might stutter something like 'physics', but in the end you'll say 'Yes, sir' and prepare your resume, while designing something you know is cheating.

Ocean temperatures going wild


 The world cannot believe how hot it is getting.  The ocean temperatures are going wild.

This chart must go on the front page of every newspaper!  We are so hot, hot, hot.

In light of this evidence, we must alter all the other charts.

This chart of the ocean temperatures is clearly wrong!  It shows absolutely nothing changing!  All the oceans are cold.  Perhaps all the heat is hiding under a continent?  Or, the hot water has found a way to go underwater, like a submarine.  That has been proposed many times.

This ice chart has caused problems before, and now, it is acting up again.  It has made quite a bold advance against other years.  We have quite a peak ice volume, but the UK can tell you the cold isn't real.  Only the tabloids are making up stories about the cold.  Who believes them?

You don't see those headlines on the CBC!  Next, it will be aliens causing the cold.

ps - Yeah!  This is being carried everywhere!  The world must know of this chart disaster. 

ps - Definitions

True Believer Chart - Any chart that once was a Denier Chart, but now is being splashed all over the media.

Denier Chart - Any chart that once was a True Believer Chart but shows things getting cold - must be ghosted.

True Believer Heat Wave - Any warm spell, no mater how insignificant, that makes a good picture.

Denier Cold Spell - Must be ghosted.

pps - Denier Dance - Grand old Duke of York - and when they were, they were up, and when they were down, they were down, and when they were only half-way, they were neither up nor down....

Monday, April 24, 2023

Charts Cannot Lie -- The Ocean to Boil



This article is just full of charts.  We've got all the NOAA charts that show a huge increase in the March world temperatures.  And El Nino will be the hot icing on the cake.

If you ask a chart, he'll say he cannot lie.  This reminds me of fantasy novels, that the Fae cannot lie.  However, charts can break all the laws of physics.  Is this important?  No.

Also, we know from Fox News, that the media cannot lie.  They do not selectively pull stories from the proverbial hat.  

ps. more great cat ideas -- Cat in the Hat -- A top hat made of carbon with a flap on the top for cats to ride and peek out.  This stops them from taking Uber-cat.  

pps.  I'm glad they've made a very hard prediction for a hot year.  However, the media are the stooges for the Gods of Global Warming.  They go on all the time that the media exaggerates everything.  Thus, nobody instigated the riot, and everybody is innocent.  

more:  all this satire did not increase my readership, like my ticktok blip.  Still, only one guy in Spain.

Shrody's Cats Gone

 I opened the box and the quantum entangled cats were gone.  The cat jokes were killing me, I had endless more waiting in the wings.

Offshore Floating Catapults for energy - one rogue wave and they're gone

Geocat Engineering - seeding the atmosphere with cat food to increase the population of feral cats as carbon storage.

Catty Lady Birth Control

etc.  NO MORE!

Can't swing a cat without hitting miserable weather


As you are aware, we had a near-death experience with Tiktok savagery.  The result was a quantum-split into two cats.  This blog is now just about cats, and life outdoors.

SMcat:  The Thailand heat wave is breaking, back to just 32C.  No other heatwaves are apparent.

Cats hate heat waves.  The current weather is caused by a lack of heat energy at the equatorial belts.  Arctic air is spilling down all over.  

The UK is now showing a pure Arctic spill.  This is a stable formation and should last until all the Arctic air warms up.  It will resume in the winter, giving them a steady 20 below, and may freeze the Thames, if that is now possible, with all the flood works.

For Toronto, there is no appearance of the classic Spring air flow from the Pacific.  We must also wait for the Arctic air to drain.

Incat:  la, la, la.  I've made a fortune with the whole Doomer thing.  THE DOOMER BUSINESS WILL LAST FOREVER!   I started Catavation Gin, with the slogan Drink Yourself to Death -- What does it matter?  I started Puss in Boots, which has cat claws (vegan) inside, for intense suffering.  This lack of heat waves is alarming, since I have the Cat In Heat Carbon Credits.  I have a private jet on standby, with the engines running, just to jet to the next heat wave.  But they are gone before I get there.  I look so cute as a heat-suffering cat.  

Sunday, April 23, 2023

The Scientific Method, as Explained by a Cat

 As you know, this blog was attacked by the Tiktok Tweenies of Death.  As a result, I have turned everything over to cats.  Everybody likes cats, right?

SMcat:  The Scientific Method came into vogue after the Great Quackeries of the Victorian Era.  Every influencer was pushing something that violated the Laws of Physics.  There was a huge following for Phrenology, the study of bumps on the head.  And then there was Spiritualism.  All great things.  And we can't forget Flat Earth.

Great minds got together to prevent this from happening again.  They defined 'Science' as the 'Scientific Method'.  Nobody could claim they had Science behind them, without this.  

Incat:  Are you listening to yourself?  BECAUSE YOU'RE THE ONLY ONE!  HA HA!  

Giant Math Error is Rate Dependent


smcat:  the giant math error rises on the rate of ice area growth (just showing volume), compared to other years.  All other years followed a close average rate of ice area reduction.  That is accounted for in the plots.  However, this year has unusual ice conditions, and the math error zooms up.  The error is caused by the way they account for 'sea surface'.  The NOAA world surface temperatures have this as a component, and is zooming, as well.

incat:  You're an idiot and don't know what you are talking about.  I've got to go back to the cat spa.

Pacific Plumes are Weak


SMcat:  Not much heat energy evident in the oceans

INcat:  El Nino any day now.

ps.  It's all about cats now, to avoid the Deadly Dancers of Tiktok.  Those spike heels are real spikes!

Arctic spill continues over UK



We (Royal We) are just showing interesting cat videos.  Somewhere down there, you'll find a cat.

I'm continuing with the theme that there are two cats:  Influencer and Scientific Method cat.  They have nothing to do with each other.

SMcat says this spill is now the only mechanism for the Arctic to warm up.  She thinks this will go on for some time, and that it will eventually bring a winter of continuous 20 below.  SMcat now knows the exact mechanism of how all this works, but, being a cat, she won't tell.

INcat just ignores all this mechanism crap, and says El Nino will blow all this away.

ps.  Scientific Method Cat -- SMcat

Influencer Cat -- INcat

Saturday, April 22, 2023

The Fish is Reborn!

 They did not want to sully Holy Earth Day with a dead body.  I can find no trace of the attacks, and they will say it never happened.  I can't stop writing without a threat of Instant Unpleasantness.  

My readership has gone down to one guy in Spain.  This is acceptable, as I think the attack happened because I was clear about things on Mastie.  I'll never be clear again.  I'll celebrate by making fun of the UK.

This site is closed by the Howling Mob

 Rather than wait for Googs to do it, I have decided to do it myself.  The question is whether they will wipe all the history out, just like they will rewrite history when this all collapses.  Live by the ravening hounds, die by the ravening hounds.

When this all settles, I'll publish my imaginary book.  It's all about the savagery at the start and the Death of the Scientific Method.  As it started, so will it end.  I got swept into this when the world ran out of earthquakes, and I had an anti-hero complex.  I consider this to be mostly a satire site, but that isn't allowed any more.

My mole has been whacked and we are sinking back down into the ground.  Good-bye, and I will stick to this, just like my hounding exit from Mastie.  

The Fish is a tiktok criminal

 I would never see this myself, but I have been declared a 'climate denier' with my physics.  I was so attacked by an electrical engineer on Mastie that I don't wonder that it has spread.

I've always been protected by the smarter people, because this has zoomed my readership from 3 to many hundreds.  


I will recite the cataclysm of the church.

1.  Physics has nothing to do with anything.  Who needs physics?  Anybody who knows physics is a bum.  

2.  The oceans are boiling, that is clear on one chart in the world.

3.  The sea level is rising at a tremendous rate, very selective to spots that are sinking.

4.  El Nino will come charging in soon, based on a hope and a prayer.

5.  Spain is not getting any water and that's climate change.

6.  The temperature charts are irrelevant when they show cooling, and only good when they show warming.

That's enough.  I've always predicted this day, when it was becoming totally obvious to the 'man on the street' that it was getting colder.  This would put all the influencers into a frenzy, and I am always amazed by their great intelligence.

There is no massive conspiracy with naasa and nooa.  Who believes that stuff?  

Being declared a criminal, I can no longer make tons of money out of physics.  The oil companies were pouring a lot of gas into my tank, if I paid for it.

Anyway, I'll still show the charts, but won't say anything.  Of course, I have been accused of 'cherry picking' the main charts, so maybe that won't work.  I'll just have a long snooze.


 Snow is now starting for S. Ontario from the first of November to first of May.

The Arctic spills will leave Siberia and look for new places to freeze.

Australia will bitch about the rain.

ps.  Amazon has stopped taking my reviews again.

pps.  Whew!  It was a flash in the pan for readers.  I'm back to my ten readers around the world.  They know physics, and therefore, are of no consequence.

more:  Looks like Googs may throw me out, just like Mastie.  Might be good-bye forever.  

The sad story of Ontario and its rock


Ontario has rock, lots of it.  But it knows nothing about it, with regard to physics.  In that, it is just the same as the rest of the world.  This effort requires lots of drilling, and then trying to get something from the drill cores.  We have seen endless rock engineering disasters in Ontario, which are quickly hushed up.

I am not predicting doom for this project, but like all the others, it has no physics.  And as such, lots of people will make lots of money.  It's something to watch, for great amusement.

Full Arctic spills and the Rain in Spain


With the Pacific plumes completely dead, I was expecting this.  The Arctic has to shed the cold somehow.  These are full spills, but they should end soon.

You see rain where this air meets the sluggish plumes that are only up to Spain.

This is good for my Spain buddy, one of my few readers.  I'm not saying anything here to offend the Church of Clange, but they'll still scream Heresy, just because I'm breathing.  All their big stories on little heat waves, and droughts will have to wait a while.

ps.  the Arctic ice is still increasing in volume.

This is causing the Big Math Error to continue to show that the oceans are boiling.

We'll probably get another Arctic spill or two before all this settles for the summer.

Friday, April 21, 2023

Ocean currents -- on Google Notice

 I'm not too sure, because it flashed, but I think somebody was offended by one of my posts.  I have to assume it had something to do with physics and weather.  

So, I was in Huntsville, ON, enjoying the cold.  Then there was this 1 hour delay coming home on the 400.  blah.  So, the new ocean current map has come out.

and the ocean temp chart for the Pacific.

As long as you see that 'V' of cold narrowing towards the West, you know the current is dominated by cold.  You'll see that v reverse when El Nino comes charging in.  Which will happen 'very soon' as long as you abolish momentum.  

The ocean temperature chart would provide confirmation for the 'math error' chart.  Unfortunately, it would take a keen imagination to find all the very hot temperatures.  Skip this map for now.

I have no desire to cause hard feelings to those who might feel their whole world crashing in.  It won't happen tomorrow, so be happy.

Stagnant air around the world


The ocean plumes are very weak.  There is no heat in the Pacific belt.  No energy means no great changes.  We'll have stagnant-air heatwaves.  And the Arctic ice will stay around longer.  However, it is all unstable, so that Europe could get a big spill of cold.  That would be a heavy, late frost.  

In Canada, our nice weather has gone.  We are just getting the 'Battle of the Bulge' where the two lobate air masses just go at each other.  The West just has wild weather.

Tuesday, April 18, 2023

AI hype


Now that climate change is recognized to be a big math error, the doomers have gone on to other things.  There is a whole industry devoted to pushing anxiety.  

Right now, the key to pushing anxiety is to go through a ton of AI garbage, and pull out a carrot.  Then you can hype it.  AI has severe physics problems that aren't going away soon.  Like hallucinations.  It's like a dreaming brain.  

Monday, April 17, 2023

Lots of snow to melt -- no help from oceans


For a nice Spring, we need the Pacific plumes to hit the west coast directly.  The air then pushes out the cold.  That's what we had last week.  Now, it all looks listless.

This is the snow and ice map.  We want most of that gone.

Meanwhile, our giant math error keeps chugging along, and won't reset until the ice reaches minimum.

Sunday, April 16, 2023

El Nino at the end of the rainbow

 There is really big money betting on El Nino 'comin' down the road'.  Although Australian beach tanners are complaining, there are big grain harvests.  With an El Nino, they lose their crop to drought.  Canada wins big!  

So, I am not saying anything obvious.  Everything is in code.  The ocean current report has been weeks late because of Easter holidays, but it is here now.

It is the same as it has always been.  Here's the temperature chart.

Same as always.  The new El Nino has been called to show influence by July.  I totally believe in that, with all my heart.  I had a dream last night where everybody in the entire world hated me.  I kept wanting to buy a lunch, but I couldn't.  Very sad.