Thursday, February 28, 2019

Transferring from Outlook to Gmail

Lets suppose you had all Linux computers.  Let's suppose your workaholic spouse was brutally let go, and the Outlook access cut off.  So, what do you do?  You cut off their network immediately, and you use the outlook email on the laptop.  Then you use outlook's backup to pst format.

Then you load a usb disk with the *.pst files.  Now the tough part.  You convert the pst to mbox files, with readpst.  Gmail has no import function.  So you install thunderbird, the importexport add on. and akonadi-import-wizard. You can take the mbox file and put it into a folder with thunderbird. You can attach thunderbird to gmail.

Yeah, now you can send the emails to the wife's new gmail account. Yeah!

After, you wipe the corporate laptop and send it back.

Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Gods of Global Warming - Santer

Yeah, finally someone from East Anglia, the hotbed of the whole carbon warming thing.

I've been looking hard for this, and there is a fantastic headline.


He has completely redefined the Scientific Method, a theory proven without physical laws or in-field measurements.  All from satellite.

This is not a 99.9999999999999999999% consensus from people defined as carbonistas, no, this is his certainty estimate, of which only an Anglian can boast.

Looking at his publications, it's all statistics and satellite stuff.  Who needs physics in this world?

Weird ARSes

I'm giving up on reporting the ARS of the day.

Atmospheric river storms.  One just soaked California, and that one is giving us snow today.  They've become very chaotic, and I'm bummed that they are making the UK a tropical paradise.  Those guys are all crowing about climate change.

Perhaps Oklahoma will perk up again.

ps. our snow.

Monday, February 25, 2019

Ocean currents - Feb 25, 2019

Yeah, the current maps are in.  I have more confidence that we'll have some warmth this summer and maybe Spring.

The current is definitely going back up north.  Not a lot of diversion now.

The Gulf Stream is very clean and powerful,  No weeds this year.  However, our saline current is stronger than ever, destroying the GS before it crosses the Atlantic.  Warmies are saying the water comes from Greenland melting, but that's hard to do at 40 below. 

This is a very nice little current, coming up from Hawaii.  I hope it stays, as it will do some of the job of the North Pacific current, which is still in a sulk.

The plumes are almost back into the December pattern, but they are weaker, and that typhoon still has to hit.  The UK is still getting hit by impossibly narrow plumes.  Good for them, but don't plant the tomatoes yet.  I just can't see this keeping up, it's too unstable.

Springtime for Canada


That's a song in 'The Producers'.  I love the quotes.

The Weather Network's Chief Meteorologist, Chris Scott, says that a "furious finish to winter" is to be expected. But, an "abrupt flip" in the temperature will take place around mid-March, inviting milder weather and a refreshing break from the bitter cold.

The warmer start to spring will be a far cry from last year when Ontario saw "one of the coldest Aprils on record". You probably recall that random brutal ice and snow storm that swept through the province last April. Thankfully, we won't be seeing anything like that this time around, The Weather Network claims.

I am flabbergasted.  Our micro El Nino shot its load in December.  The Arctic is frozen solid.  We need the full Gulf Stream to start up again for this forecast.

We get the new ocean current map today.  I'll look hard to find some heat.

ps.  natgas may finally be realizing this.

SNC is simply too corrupt for Canada to handle


I agree with JT, let the whole SNC thing drop.  It's a wasted effort that occupies the country's attention.  Is anything good happening?  We need to get the economy going.

My old guy tells me amazing stories of the rise of snc.  He was a Montreal engineer.  I am horrified, but really, where did they get all that expertise to hide money trails through many countries?  That's why the investigation should be dropped, since it won't get anywhere unless you dip down to the very beginning.  And nobody wants that.

Let sleeping corruption lie.  The western provinces are unrealistic in the simplistic demands to stop funneling huge amounts of money into that province.  The economy is in shreds, and think of all the refugees that would flood the country.  We have some chain-smoking refugees up the road.

In the end, we'll just fumble through with this 'Grand Stupidity'.  Our real hope is in getting Ontario working again.  Somebody has to consume all that Alberta natgas.

**note that I am not very clear on the proper names of everything.  That's done for a reason....

ps.  Whether it is incompetence or corruption, the end result is the same.  Here, they are violating basic physics (forces) by trying to limit the scope through willful ignorance.  I have found that if 'Grand Stupidities' take up too much money, then the economy collapses.  Has been the same since the Great Pyramids, or the Mayans, in pursuit of white lime.  And in law, the 'Stupidity Defence' reigns supreme, and that's why trumpypants will get off from everything.  :)

pps.  It has been touted in the press that 'whatshername' suffered the fate of any whistleblower in Canada.  Nope, she suffered the fate of any 'bright technical purist' in any Canadian organization.  :)

Sunday, February 24, 2019

Arctic temperature goes to -40

You can only get -40 and below, along the shore, once all the ice is thick.  We are showing all the signs for a major ice advance, but the isostatically depressed land will save us.  But in a major ice age, which we may or may not be hitting, the Arctic ice will freeze to a great thickness.  Then it becomes multi-year ice that keeps the Arctic generally cold, due to ice reflection.  As the ocean practically freezes solid, all that extra cold saline water pours over the Atlantic.

The warmies will have July, when the stagnant air temperature becomes +40.  There will be all sorts of headlines about 'record breaking' heat.  That's cute.

On the larger scale, we are in a 'Snowball Earth' situation, due to plate tectonic separation.  This is as opposed to the Mesozoic when all the plates were together.  We've had major ice advances for the last 2 million years, on a 10-20 thousand year cycle.  All of this can be explained with basic physics, and there is no need to invoke orbit cycles or sunspots.  However, people love 'exotic' explanations, and 'Grand Stupidities' will always be with us.

Saturday, February 23, 2019

Atmospheric Plume Report - Feb 23,2019

All our weather is determined by the character of our tropical atmospheric plumes.  These are set up by heat energy released from the oceans, and hot spots in the oceans are determined by ocean currents.  Carbon dioxide has no measurable effect in the real world (out of the lab) because atmospheric heat is carried up by convection (something that would good to measure).  The carbonistas just spin Rudyard Kipling-esque children stories.

This is the current state of the world.  The map shows warm, moist air, which carries perhaps 1000 times the heat energy of dry air.  Wouldn't that be nice to measure?

The beautiful Western Pacific which generates all the plumes hitting the rest of the world.  They are getting a magnificent typhoon, which sucks a lot of heat out of the oceans.  I speculate that the low pressure in the centre practically boils the water releasing heat energy at 1000 times the rate of every-day evaporation.  Another thing to measure, yet nobody does.

These typhoons really bugger up the plume generating system.

All of December we were hit with very strong plumes.  I now realize that it was the effect of a mini-El Nino, which caused a northern current reversal in the Pacific.  This kept us quite warm.  Now we are being lashed by very weak plumes, which can still raise heat from the Gulf of Mexico.  Toronto is going to have wild weather Sunday.

These strengthened plumes go off to the UK.  They are unbelievably strong and needle-thin.  They'll give alternating warm and cold blasts.  The UK deserves it, since they are the main fanatics driving carbon warming.

ps.  Look at the incredible speed of the air squished between two systems.  That 120 km/hr wind is going to hit Toronto like an express train.  Hold onto your hats!  I'm glad the greenhouse isn't up yet, it would end up in the next city.

Friday, February 22, 2019

Just planted tomato seeds

I got the most engineered blight-resistant seed available, all hybrid, I suppose.  These seeds are expensive, each packet has about 10 seeds.  Got them from Veseys.  One of them was supposedly 'organic'.  What the heck does that mean for a seed?

These seedlings will be ready for the greenhouse on May 1.  Last year it was a miserable, cold May and June, and part of July.  Everybody had total tomato crop failure.  Not me!  My plants went to 6 feet high.  My greenhouse is specially designed to totally fall apart in gale-force winds.

I can guarantee a cold miserable Spring.  Those darn ocean currents are back again, like the godfather of climate said -- it was cold in the 70's due to ocean currents, and then carbon dioxide dominated because the ocean currents turned off.  Now, ocean currents will take over again, and carbon dioxide sleeps for a while.  But it'll be back with a VENGEANCE next time.

Isn't that a great face-saver for the climateests?  Would Justin swallow that?  I really wouldn't all those nice warmies losing their jobs.  What are they going to do?  How would politicians say they were wrong?  They never do that.

ps.  cannabis should be 6 inches under the lights.

pps.  Feb 27 and the first tomato has popped up.

Thursday, February 21, 2019

A Tale of Salary Caps


This never turns out good.  At OPG we had a bright vice-pres from the States.  He was being paid an enormous amount by the standards then, of the commie gov't.  There was a huge outcry, and he left, back to the States.  After that, only the local stupid people ran things.

This caused billions of dollars to be wasted, and set the final scene when the Darlington refurb finally reveals that it's a disaster. 

I'm not hopeful that things will be okay.

No Flavour for Cannabis Edibles - Dog Poop City


This is funny.  No muffins, no brownies, no candies.  Nothing that a child or teenager would want to eat.  They have to make it taste and look like dog poop.  

I make my own cannabis butter with coconut oil.  It smells and tastes terrible, but it is a natural extract and far healthier than chemically purified stuff.  You have to kill all the minor cannaboids, and terpenes to make a flavourless oil.  Most people can't take my oil, since it is dog shit, but I'm used to it.  :)

It'll stop alzies and make brain cells grow better than that valium drug the Toronto researchers are doing.  It has improved my sleep and my depressions tremendously.  I hardly take it during the day now, and take about 1 ml at night for the brain.

I can't think of any way to cover the dog poop taste and not make it happy for teens.  Perhaps, spicy pepperoni,  wait, that's pizza!  I know, make it taste like a Tide Pod, ... no that won't work.

ps.  This is now a 'Grand Stupidity' of the feds, right along with 'Protect Quebec Corruption'.  :)

Ocean current report - Feb 21, 2019

The ocean currents give us an indication of future weather, although it tends to be vague.

The sea temperature gives us a nice view, although it can lag by a month.  It still shows a very strong flow to the south along Brazil.

However, the ocean currents are showing a movement up north, and it might indicate the end of the southern flow.  The Gulf of Mexico is warming up again, but the Gulf Stream is dead.

I am now convinced we had a mini-El Nino, but that reversal has ended.  That would explain the small uptick in global temps.  However, there was almost no heat going to the North Pole, and that's why we have good ice there.  The Pacific reversal has completely stopped, and global temps should continue their dive.

This is the new thing I was predicting last month.  The North Pacific flow of cold water is becoming more organized and is hitting the start of the Pacific flow.  With a major ice age, I could see this totally destroying the Pacific flow, locking us into 300 years of cold.

The tropical plumes are the big story of this winter.  That mini El Nino may have caused them to be so active, and definitely caused the 'Grand March' of plumes from west to east, following the reversed Pacific current.

We just missed one in Toronto which was supposed to give us freezing rain.  The UK has been lashed by them, giving alternate warmth and cold.  However, they have changed a lot, but will still bother us.  The major 'starter' for them is a big blob of hot water.

ps.  the ocean currents are undergoing the type of rapid change that herald the end of the warming cycle.

Wednesday, February 20, 2019

It is forbidden to have a physicist against the 'climate scientists'


OMG!  Another opinion.  A physicist against carbonistas.  Can't be allowed.

However, this guy really isn't that good.  He needs to throw some money that trumpy steals from the military for some good physics.  He has notoriety and seems to love it.  Do some dang physics!

But I don't really hope that anything good will be done.  :(

ps. OMG I just read the blueprint on how they are going to handle the temperatures going down.  They are going to anecdote us to death!  "Just because you turn down the frying pan for your eggs, doesn't mean the eggs aren't cooking."  "Just because an athlete cools down after a run, doesn't mean he isn't hot."  I can't stand it!

Caution required when buying from Costco online

We saw a side table at the Costco warehouse, but couldn't buy it at the time.  The thing weighs 200 pounds.  Then I saw it at and I just ordered it, as I really didn't know the warehouse price.  It was 30% more.  I tried to cancel right away, but you have to send an email, and nobody was working family day weekend.  That was $100 more with tax.

The wife is pissed at me.  So, the lesson is watch out for the big ripoffs.  'Nuff said.

Gods of global warming - the inventor of terms


I can't say that logic was his strong point.  He noted ocean currents as the main carrier of heat energy, noted the previous 40 year cooling period, and said there would follow a warming period.  All of a sudden he threw in carbon dioxide.

In the 1980s, he told US political leaders that the growth of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere warranted a "bold, new national effort aimed at understanding the operation of the realms of the atmosphere, oceans, ice and terrestrial biosphere".

So much of what he said has been ignored, and the carbonistas just focused in on the carbon thing.  That's the fun of willful ignorance.

At least now I have a quote for doing more physics.  :)

ps.  A little bit of physics done by Ontario, or merely the announcement of physics would have a 10 to one return, by shielding some of the carbon nutsy stuff.

pps.  Through my exclusive connection I have suggested that Doug use this against Justin.  But it's sad this will never happen, like all my other great ideas.  I just hope that 50 years into the future, someone will say "He was right." 

Monday, February 18, 2019

Tropical plume report - Feb 18, 2019

Fascinating plumes today.

I love these counter-spinning plumes, north and south of the equator.  Maybe the bottom one with give central Australia some rain.

The leftovers of our super-plume is going to hit the UK, and give them tropical weather,  And then snow again.  The tabloids will have a field day.

There's nothing coming to Toronto, so we'll have default weather.  By the end of February, this should be -5 to -10 at night, and 5 during the day.

ps.  Feb 19.  If you look at the 120 hour view of North America, you can see how the sweeps of Pacific plumes suck up the Gulf air.  That is why we are going to have freezing rain.

pps.  a 'unprecedented' ice advance on the river.

Bruce black hole delayed 'forever'


I've written enough about this.  Suffice to say it makes Carbon Warming look brilliant.  It will be interesting if there is an internal generational change in the next few decades.  Perhaps they will give up.

Friday, February 15, 2019

Kinga Surma - Suggestions - Part 1

Doug Ford is too busy for suggestions, so I give them to our local rep.

The Ontario Brand

The original economists laid out the government choice as 'Guns or Butter'.  The guns part wasn't really guns, but boosting the economy and infrastructure, etc.  That would be Ford's 'Open for Business'.

The butter part includes the social safety net, increased wages for union people, and some of the wacky left-wing things like solar cells, electric cars, etc.  Anything that would make the Toronto intellectual elite happy.

The two things tend to be mutually exclusive, but they don't have to be.  Anyway, you can't be all 'socially conscious' if you don't have any money to pay for it.  I would define 'left wing' as detachment from paying for things.

In the category of 'appearing to belong to the elite, like meghan and co.', I would present the Niagara Tunnel to Nowhere.  Badly thought out, and costing billions, it has done nothing.  The NDP totally destroyed our engineering ability for heavy installations, and didn't have anything to replace it.  The Ontario brand has been destroyed for anybody wanting to make money, since that has been considered 'evil'.  Even Trudeau, himself, is castigated for not being 'left' enough, in wanting pipelines.  Quebec has its brand of being totally corrupt, and woe betide any federal gov't who falls into the trap of 'French uber alles'.  (ps, I know endless snc corruption stories from the old man, and they may match his endless corruption stories from Toronto property developers.)

The vote showed that Ontario has had enough of 'smearing butter on everything', and wants to go back to 'guns'.

Can you keep a safety net, but increase the economy?  That is, a human touch like Kinga?  Yes I think you can.  (ps.  I'm in love with here, but I won't say that, or I'll get on the stalker list).

-- to be continued.

ps.  TOTAL END!  My infatuation has run its course.  :(

Yeah for Kinga Surma -- she's the best!


She came around to the house yesterday in the miserable weather.  Who cares about her past?  She'll go somewhere, but I almost told her Brown stories from my niece -- Whoops.

Amazingly enough she didn't get any of my emails on a 'New Ontario', perhaps they were protecting her from a stalker.  But she took my name and email, and I know I'll be hearing from her.  :)

I was almost inspired to trot out my plans again, but no....

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

California to be caught in an ARS Clamp

This is interesting.  A record-breaking Kardash is hitting Callie.  This is probably a 5 on the ars scale.  At the same time, a skinny ars is coming down from Alaska.  They'll have flooding for sure.

Their news also calls these things Tropical Atmospheric Rivers or TARS.  That's good, since I'm running out of ars jokes.  Our ars is spent, but there is a residual sniff that will give us some ice and snow before the default temperature of -10.  The Huntsville default is -20.  Next year, Georgian Bay will freeze early, and we'll be at a good -40 for up north.  Alberta's default is still -40 since they are landlocked.

The tar-babies are hitting the Arctic Ocean, so we are getting a balmy -20 up there.

ps.  wow, Toronto is being hit with a 'reverse Buffalo' snowfall.  They'll have to refurbish those 'Emergency Snow Route' signs.  They've been allowed to rust over the past 20 years.

pps.  Reference  -- It's hit.

All of a sudden, the Guardian has stopped mentioning climate change, when they report on severe weather.  They were going nuts with the fires, but not the snow and flooding.

Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Pain in the ARS report - Feb 12, 2019

We, in Toronto, are getting smashed by an Atmospheric River Storm (ARS).  A week or two these arses were zooming to the east at a fair clip.  Now they are stationary.

The nucleus for our series of arsinine snow storms has moved east, and is well in the Pacific.  This is a huge instability, and is going to create a big ars.  But the question is where it will go.  It could soak California, but it could drift anywhere.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, we have a big blob of cold air settling down on us.

I'm amazed they aren't calling this another polar vortex.  Maybe they are afraid of using that meaningless term too many times.  As I predicted we are breaking records going back to the last minor ice age (20 year cycle).

ps.  natgas is at the bottom and starting a tick up.  Get all your bitcoin from the ether and buy!

pps.  wow, we are getting the full length of the river.

Monday, February 11, 2019

Best grow light for cannabis and microgreens

You must start your tomatoes from seed soon.  As well, you must start your cannabis for the summer.

This is a way for me to make money if you order this light.  I replaced all my old lights because they had shifted and nothing was growing.  These lights are fantastic, but you need at least two or three per shelf.  They are strong at 18 inches, and work up to 24 inches with a 45 deg spread.  No fans, which is fantastic.

Four cannabis plants will set you up for the year.  I'm finding that a drop at night is the fountain of youth.  :)

Russian Military fills garbage dump with day-old sushi, Climate Change blamed


Oh, I couldn't make this up.

Tons of very fat and healthy bears stormed the open garbage dump for a feast.  While they were there, they had a look around.

This place is on an island, the Arctic ice almost never surrounds it.

This year's ice is almost as much as it ever gets.  Just a stone's throw across the narrow island you get all the ice you need.

Naturally, this is a story of carbon warming.  Poor, dying polar bears.

ps. the garbage scene reminds me of mandarin when they bring out the crab legs.  :)

pps.  a meme:

ARS report - Feb 11, 2019

The Atmospheric River Storm (ars without the 'e') report.

The Big Fat ARS that has been warming North America is finally moving off.  It still has one big snow storm to dump on Toronto, and then we should be just cold.  There is nothing to replace it in the near future.

The UK is enjoying the benefit of a twin ars hitting them.  It is very weak, not like a Kardash* ars, and will give them some snow.  Alaska is being hit by a weak plume, which has the Arctic warmer than usual.

The ars near Australia is dropping a big wad of hot air to the south, but it's summer for them.  Most of Australia is in the stagnant zone of active arses, and it will be hot and stinky for them.  The north will continue to get drenched.

All the heat energy in the atmosphere is carried by the active arses, perhaps by a factor of 10e4 or more.

*new definition of an ars which is excessively big.

Ocean current report - Feb 9, 2019

Not much change, but a few interesting things.

The saline current from the Arctic becomes stronger as cold water from the North Atlantic sucks into it.  I've never seen this, but it probably confirms that the water is very saline.  It plunges to the bottom of the Atlantic and is responsible for the currents changing there.  The current formed when the Pacific heat changed after the El Nino of 2016-17.  It wasn't there before.  It has destroyed the Gulf Stream, and the UK is having a fun winter.

The mid-Atlantic current continues to divert to the south.

A super warm spot has appeared off Brazil, and I've never seen this.

The Pacific has completely stopped the upper return current.  I'm looking at the Alaskan cold water.  I'm expecting it to drift down and destroy the beginning of the Pacific westerly warm current.  But that might be for another year.

The current shifts are dramatic.  For years, I watched this, and nothing happened.  The currents are the prime energy shifts of the heat balance of the world.  Probably a million times that of air, so the notion that carbon warming affects them is cute.

Sunday, February 10, 2019

The Methanol Fuel Cell

I want Canada to put some money into this.  Everybody knows that the electric car is not for a cold country, and it doesn't scale because of the rare earths.  Hybrids will be good for a while.

But the piston engine needs to die.  That's why I'm reading the physics of the Methanol Fuel Cell.  I was disappointed at the current state of affairs.  This fuel cell needs to be coupled with a super capacitor, and direct motors in the wheels.

Sad to say, it's going to take 20 years, but the progress is steady, and I think it will do better than batteries.  The most important thing is finding a more efficient catalyst.  They've got the good old Platinum, and Ruthenium thing, but it's not working that well.  The fuel is only 3% methanol, like US beer, and it's amazing how the water is involved.  It's like burning water for fuel!

They're improving with nano-particles, but I would like a big boost in effort.  Perhaps the feds, after they realize the whole carbon warming thing was a dream.

The super-capacitors hold charge from stopping and provide acceleration.  They are made from graphene, which can be made in Canada.  The electric motors may require rare earth magnets, but far less material than a lithium battery.  We can get off a China addiction with this.  :)

Full life at 3.5 billion years ago


The earliest fossils are bacterial mats at a couple of billion years ago.  But this article goes into single bacteria life as far back as 3.5 billion years.  So life appeared quite quickly after the water finally condensed.  As they push back farther and farther, it supports the concept that DNA life was 'seeded' from afar.  My general thought is that organic molecules would take a billion years or so to evolve to bacteria, maybe more.

The concept of a seeder means that somewhere else had those extra billions of years to coagulate the primordial  soup.  Or maybe not.

Saturday, February 9, 2019

Atmospheric River Storm Report - Feb 9, 2019

Now that I have a name for the plumes, I can go ahead with a report, just like the currents.  An ARS is a 'thing'.  It has energy, momentum, vector velocity, and moves a lot of heat energy around.  Figurative terms just as 'jet stream', or 'polar vortex' are just eye candy for tv weather people.

The daily map for these is here.  You can see the heat energy pumping around the world.

That river hitting Alaska is giving us an old pattern for the Arctic Ocean.

The last 20 years have had this warming over Alaska and that has reduced the ice volume.  But this is a very tiny river, and will soon dry up.

Now, this super-river hitting North America is remaining in one place and flooding us with icy warmth.  I've never seen this.

It's extracting heat from the Gulf of Mexico, and we don't know how fast the currents can replenish it.  I find the pattern amazing.

The UK should get some warmth if those Atlantic rivers maintain their push up north, but it looks like they could run out of energy, trying the penetrate the cold.  That would be good news for the Scottish ski resorts.  :)

The ice patterns in the creek are nice.  You need big ice spikes to walk there.

ps.  the good news is that this big river has carried us out of January, and our February default weather has gone up to -10.  Yeah!

pps.  this is the local school yard this morning.  A Zamboni couldn't get it better.

Friday, February 8, 2019

Geofish exceeds 1 million views

Yeah!  Actually, it's all link spam.  But I did get a big bunch of hits when Toronto felt the distant earthquake.  They all love a good earthquake story.

So, it's a long wait for the next earthquake, so I'll keep going with my 10 readers.  Love you all!

Linux 5.0 rc5 works with Ryzen 5

There was a regression with the first few revisions, but now it seems stable. 

Get ready for another one!

We are just over that 'super plume' that coated my driveway with ice.  Now, there are no other plumes in sight.

So now, we are going to have endless headlines about the Polar Vortex.  And all the newly elected women in the States are pushing their 'green plan' to save us from boiling to death.

ps.  I opened up my big bag of limestone screenings to throw on the ice.  At 50 below, salt doesn't work.

pps.  Yeah, garbage bins went sliding down the ice on the street, in 80 km winds.  Good neighbours fixed it up, but I took them in for another day.

tonight:  It's neat that the super-plume is still sucking up Gulf heat.  Our weather in the next few days will be a battle between this heat and nothingness. 

Thursday, February 7, 2019

New cars ridiculously easy to steal

I thought the thieves were scanning key fobs hanging on the wooden door.  But no, they jam the door open, and put a computer to the on board diagnostic port, which is conveniently located under the steering wheel.  Then they reprogram their own keys.

They quickly drive to a container and ship the whole thing to North Africa.  Who should be concerned?  What can you do?  Personally, I just think you shouldn't leave anything of sentimental value in the car.  :)  A garage would be nice, but mine's filled with junk.

I suppose that if I won the lottery, then I would clean a space for my fancy new car.  In the meantime, come and steal it.  I'll have a good picture with my camera.  And my dog is always watching...

ps.  If you must leave your Lexus out, then invest in a Lojack.  I'm not too keen on getting the car back, but it's good for Society.

pps.  whoops, the trackers are easily jammed.  You need a jammer detector.  :)

Another Great Canadian Mystery

It started with the Bree-x guy 'falling' out of a helicopter.  Then we had the famous super ninjas killing that drug couple.  Now we have a mysterious death in India, where a coroner's report can be bought for a dollar. 


In line with the super ninja story, we have a person who blew all the money in a Ponzi scheme, and then found a way out.  I'm being vague on all the details of the historical facts, because all those guys are nasty, but this is fun.

So, if you are concerned about the insurance money to your wife, go to a tropical country where your body rots in a day, and have a 'heart attack'.  Say no more....

Hot air plumes now called Atmospheric River Storms in California


OMG!  Here I've been going on and on about the plumes, and they are finally in the popular press.  Naturally, they are treated as a local thing in California, but all politics is local...

The end of the huge plume giving us ice

This was a huge plume.  It has warmed the East up, giving everybody a false sense of continuing warmth.  Natgas prices have hit the bottom.  It will soon go away, leaving us with #2 Vortex.  I still think we can hit #3 and #4.  Or maybe it's all one.  Who can tell with the Vortex Follies?

Meanwhile, a closer look at Arctic ice shows it continues to cross lanes.  I'm quite happy with my new insight that a major ice advance starts with multi-year ice on the Arctic ocean, to the point where it remains mostly frozen all year.  Then ice starts to cover the land.

ps.  this just in from the bbc

In their charts, they do not acknowledge that world temps now have been falling way behind carbon warming forecasts, so they just produce more forecasts.

Viking warming period


A very nice article, using the Scientific Method, about the Viking warming period.

After reconstructing southern Greenland's climate record over the past 3,000 years, a Northwestern University team found that it was relatively warm when the Norse lived there between 985 and 1450 C.E., compared to the previous and following centuries.

This is a good study, because it quantifies the Medieval Warming period much better than looking at crop distribution and historical records.  Those guys weren't big on writing.

The article gets top marks from me for not mentioning that the Vikings breathed out carbon dioxide, or killed all the natives.  They even mention ocean currents, yeah!

Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Toronto home sales

I always wait for this graph, although it gets more and more confusing.  Tor sales are at the bottom of the chart.  Prices are taking a big dive.  Yet, everybody says we'll be back to peak prices in no time.  Bitcoin is the same.

I'm waiting for condos to take the big dive.  Might be another 6 months.  In March, the listings will go zooming up, and then down again, as everybody takes it off the market.  Tons of new construction is becoming ready, and people must be strung out.

Meanwhile, there are a lot of empty units and houses.  This is interesting.

Horseman of the Frozopalypse -- Ice Pellets

Ice pellets that will give an extreme abrasion treatment on your nose.  Try your winter tires on little ball-bearings of ice.  I couldn't even drag the dog out with this.  :)

The other horsemen should be out soon....

ps.  I did go out with the dog, and I haven't had such a good ice-pellet facial in a long time.

Sources for world geophysical data

I've never found anyone interested in the sources for all my crap, but I should do this once a year.

World Ocean Currents

This comes out every 5 days.  It's relies on US data, so it closes during a trumpyfit.  The animated vectors show 5 days of current movement.  Higher density indicates correlated movement, so it shows condensed currents.

World Ocean Temperatures

These are more results from the US floaters.  At the bottom of the site, you can zoom in on individual seas.  It is more up to date in areas with a lot of floaters, but you don't know.  I find it is slow on the southern oceans.


I'm always looking at this one, since it is constantly up to date.  It shows 'precipitable' air, which generally means, hot, moist air.  All our 'weather' comes from these plumes.  If one isn't hitting you, then you are in 'default weather', which is the temperature of a landlocked zone at your latitude.  That weather usually isn't very nice, either very hot or very cold.

RSS global temps

These guys produce the definitive world temperatures plot, which can be broken down by region.  No warmie disputed it when it was rising.  Now, it's flat.  There is also a nice article on climate, and how temps have been way below the warmie projections.