Monday, February 25, 2019

Ocean currents - Feb 25, 2019

Yeah, the current maps are in.  I have more confidence that we'll have some warmth this summer and maybe Spring.

The current is definitely going back up north.  Not a lot of diversion now.

The Gulf Stream is very clean and powerful,  No weeds this year.  However, our saline current is stronger than ever, destroying the GS before it crosses the Atlantic.  Warmies are saying the water comes from Greenland melting, but that's hard to do at 40 below. 

This is a very nice little current, coming up from Hawaii.  I hope it stays, as it will do some of the job of the North Pacific current, which is still in a sulk.

The plumes are almost back into the December pattern, but they are weaker, and that typhoon still has to hit.  The UK is still getting hit by impossibly narrow plumes.  Good for them, but don't plant the tomatoes yet.  I just can't see this keeping up, it's too unstable.

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