Monday, February 11, 2019

Russian Military fills garbage dump with day-old sushi, Climate Change blamed


Oh, I couldn't make this up.

Tons of very fat and healthy bears stormed the open garbage dump for a feast.  While they were there, they had a look around.

This place is on an island, the Arctic ice almost never surrounds it.

This year's ice is almost as much as it ever gets.  Just a stone's throw across the narrow island you get all the ice you need.

Naturally, this is a story of carbon warming.  Poor, dying polar bears.

ps. the garbage scene reminds me of mandarin when they bring out the crab legs.  :)

pps.  a meme:


Penny said...

the spin headline says climate change- thanks to No Good Organization

But it's really clear if one bothers to read the article the openly accessible food is the real issue and the sheer number of bears indicates lots to eat...

Oh but their so 'brazen'
of course they are- they are top of the pile food chain predator
they'll shred a human- they aren't afraid

Harold Asmis said...

The Guardian is still going on and on about this, and climate change.