Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Pain in the ARS report - Feb 12, 2019

We, in Toronto, are getting smashed by an Atmospheric River Storm (ARS).  A week or two these arses were zooming to the east at a fair clip.  Now they are stationary.

The nucleus for our series of arsinine snow storms has moved east, and is well in the Pacific.  This is a huge instability, and is going to create a big ars.  But the question is where it will go.  It could soak California, but it could drift anywhere.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, we have a big blob of cold air settling down on us.

I'm amazed they aren't calling this another polar vortex.  Maybe they are afraid of using that meaningless term too many times.  As I predicted we are breaking records going back to the last minor ice age (20 year cycle).

ps.  natgas is at the bottom and starting a tick up.  Get all your bitcoin from the ether and buy!

pps.  wow, we are getting the full length of the river.

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