Thursday, February 21, 2019

Ocean current report - Feb 21, 2019

The ocean currents give us an indication of future weather, although it tends to be vague.

The sea temperature gives us a nice view, although it can lag by a month.  It still shows a very strong flow to the south along Brazil.

However, the ocean currents are showing a movement up north, and it might indicate the end of the southern flow.  The Gulf of Mexico is warming up again, but the Gulf Stream is dead.

I am now convinced we had a mini-El Nino, but that reversal has ended.  That would explain the small uptick in global temps.  However, there was almost no heat going to the North Pole, and that's why we have good ice there.  The Pacific reversal has completely stopped, and global temps should continue their dive.

This is the new thing I was predicting last month.  The North Pacific flow of cold water is becoming more organized and is hitting the start of the Pacific flow.  With a major ice age, I could see this totally destroying the Pacific flow, locking us into 300 years of cold.

The tropical plumes are the big story of this winter.  That mini El Nino may have caused them to be so active, and definitely caused the 'Grand March' of plumes from west to east, following the reversed Pacific current.

We just missed one in Toronto which was supposed to give us freezing rain.  The UK has been lashed by them, giving alternate warmth and cold.  However, they have changed a lot, but will still bother us.  The major 'starter' for them is a big blob of hot water.

ps.  the ocean currents are undergoing the type of rapid change that herald the end of the warming cycle.

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