Thursday, February 7, 2019

New cars ridiculously easy to steal

I thought the thieves were scanning key fobs hanging on the wooden door.  But no, they jam the door open, and put a computer to the on board diagnostic port, which is conveniently located under the steering wheel.  Then they reprogram their own keys.

They quickly drive to a container and ship the whole thing to North Africa.  Who should be concerned?  What can you do?  Personally, I just think you shouldn't leave anything of sentimental value in the car.  :)  A garage would be nice, but mine's filled with junk.

I suppose that if I won the lottery, then I would clean a space for my fancy new car.  In the meantime, come and steal it.  I'll have a good picture with my camera.  And my dog is always watching...

ps.  If you must leave your Lexus out, then invest in a Lojack.  I'm not too keen on getting the car back, but it's good for Society.

pps.  whoops, the trackers are easily jammed.  You need a jammer detector.  :)

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