Thursday, February 7, 2019

New cars ridiculously easy to steal

I thought the thieves were scanning key fobs hanging on the wooden door.  But no, they jam the door open, and put a computer to the on board diagnostic port, which is conveniently located under the steering wheel.  Then they reprogram their own keys.

They quickly drive to a container and ship the whole thing to North Africa.  Who should be concerned?  What can you do?  Personally, I just think you shouldn't leave anything of sentimental value in the car.  :)  A garage would be nice, but mine's filled with junk.

I suppose that if I won the lottery, then I would clean a space for my fancy new car.  In the meantime, come and steal it.  I'll have a good picture with my camera.  And my dog is always watching...

ps.  If you must leave your Lexus out, then invest in a Lojack.  I'm not too keen on getting the car back, but it's good for Society.

pps.  whoops, the trackers are easily jammed.  You need a jammer detector.  :)


Neil T said...

H... just do what I do. Make the inside of your vehicle look like anyone entering it will catch EBOLA. Oh, the Captcha when using my phone doesn't show you the question, only the answers. Quite fun to work out. Tried the sound option but you need to be a dog to hear what they are saying. RE the Californians, I wish they'd called your plumes Atmospheric River Storm Episodes. Have a good weekend

Harold Asmis said...

Ha, ha.