Wednesday, February 20, 2019

It is forbidden to have a physicist against the 'climate scientists'


OMG!  Another opinion.  A physicist against carbonistas.  Can't be allowed.

However, this guy really isn't that good.  He needs to throw some money that trumpy steals from the military for some good physics.  He has notoriety and seems to love it.  Do some dang physics!

But I don't really hope that anything good will be done.  :(

ps. OMG I just read the blueprint on how they are going to handle the temperatures going down.  They are going to anecdote us to death!  "Just because you turn down the frying pan for your eggs, doesn't mean the eggs aren't cooking."  "Just because an athlete cools down after a run, doesn't mean he isn't hot."  I can't stand it!

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