Friday, February 22, 2019

Just planted tomato seeds

I got the most engineered blight-resistant seed available, all hybrid, I suppose.  These seeds are expensive, each packet has about 10 seeds.  Got them from Veseys.  One of them was supposedly 'organic'.  What the heck does that mean for a seed?

These seedlings will be ready for the greenhouse on May 1.  Last year it was a miserable, cold May and June, and part of July.  Everybody had total tomato crop failure.  Not me!  My plants went to 6 feet high.  My greenhouse is specially designed to totally fall apart in gale-force winds.

I can guarantee a cold miserable Spring.  Those darn ocean currents are back again, like the godfather of climate said -- it was cold in the 70's due to ocean currents, and then carbon dioxide dominated because the ocean currents turned off.  Now, ocean currents will take over again, and carbon dioxide sleeps for a while.  But it'll be back with a VENGEANCE next time.

Isn't that a great face-saver for the climateests?  Would Justin swallow that?  I really wouldn't all those nice warmies losing their jobs.  What are they going to do?  How would politicians say they were wrong?  They never do that.

ps.  cannabis should be 6 inches under the lights.

pps.  Feb 27 and the first tomato has popped up.

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