Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Sources for world geophysical data

I've never found anyone interested in the sources for all my crap, but I should do this once a year.

World Ocean Currents

This comes out every 5 days.  It's relies on US data, so it closes during a trumpyfit.  The animated vectors show 5 days of current movement.  Higher density indicates correlated movement, so it shows condensed currents.

World Ocean Temperatures

These are more results from the US floaters.  At the bottom of the site, you can zoom in on individual seas.  It is more up to date in areas with a lot of floaters, but you don't know.  I find it is slow on the southern oceans.


I'm always looking at this one, since it is constantly up to date.  It shows 'precipitable' air, which generally means, hot, moist air.  All our 'weather' comes from these plumes.  If one isn't hitting you, then you are in 'default weather', which is the temperature of a landlocked zone at your latitude.  That weather usually isn't very nice, either very hot or very cold.

RSS global temps

These guys produce the definitive world temperatures plot, which can be broken down by region.  No warmie disputed it when it was rising.  Now, it's flat.  There is also a nice article on climate, and how temps have been way below the warmie projections. 

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