Sunday, February 3, 2019

Next vortex about to hit us

They are now using 'vortex' for every day cold weather.  Northern Alberta at -40?  Polar vortex.  Here is the new air plume chart.

You should zoom that.  The warm air is staying at the 49th, so it isn't a vortex in the States yet.  This is a huge plume that is sucking up the tiny bit of remaining Gulf heat.  As it comes over us, we get our boots wet.  But look at the monster behind it!  This isn't a 'thing', it's merely the usual latitude cold coming in after the warm plume.  But it will be Polar Vortex #2, and then #3. 

But there is no Polar Vortex, it's just the drifting plumes making it look like it's rotating from West to East.  Unless you're nasa and you plot spinning backwards, east to west.  It's exactly the same, since the polar air isn't spinning at all.

Poor lady up the road hit her driveway at her usual speed in her red mustang.  Ouch!  Wet ice under snow, not a tire in the world would work on that (the big lie of winter tires).  Crunched car and garage.

So, the lesson is to go slowly...

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