Sunday, February 24, 2019

Arctic temperature goes to -40

You can only get -40 and below, along the shore, once all the ice is thick.  We are showing all the signs for a major ice advance, but the isostatically depressed land will save us.  But in a major ice age, which we may or may not be hitting, the Arctic ice will freeze to a great thickness.  Then it becomes multi-year ice that keeps the Arctic generally cold, due to ice reflection.  As the ocean practically freezes solid, all that extra cold saline water pours over the Atlantic.

The warmies will have July, when the stagnant air temperature becomes +40.  There will be all sorts of headlines about 'record breaking' heat.  That's cute.

On the larger scale, we are in a 'Snowball Earth' situation, due to plate tectonic separation.  This is as opposed to the Mesozoic when all the plates were together.  We've had major ice advances for the last 2 million years, on a 10-20 thousand year cycle.  All of this can be explained with basic physics, and there is no need to invoke orbit cycles or sunspots.  However, people love 'exotic' explanations, and 'Grand Stupidities' will always be with us.

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