Saturday, February 2, 2019

Strong plume warms us up a bit

In terms of physics, the only real action here is the passing of strong hot-air plumes, both when they hit us and when they leave.  The default cold air mass comes in to fill the gaps.  This plume hitting us now is very strong, but the two behind it are very weak.  Thus, we can expect another fun time with the cold.

The warmies have been selling this as a 'burst of a soap bubble', and their song "The warmer it is, the colder it gets.'.  This might wear on people as they do it a second and third time.  The new world temperature maps will come out next week, and they will be ignored.  They should show we continue to plunge into an ice age.

So, although you are reading that we will now start an early Spring, don't put away your snowshoes.

ps.  You've got to read this 'Anti-Carbon Warming PR Death Squad'.  Instant comment on anything related to physics.

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