Sunday, February 10, 2019

The Methanol Fuel Cell

I want Canada to put some money into this.  Everybody knows that the electric car is not for a cold country, and it doesn't scale because of the rare earths.  Hybrids will be good for a while.

But the piston engine needs to die.  That's why I'm reading the physics of the Methanol Fuel Cell.  I was disappointed at the current state of affairs.  This fuel cell needs to be coupled with a super capacitor, and direct motors in the wheels.

Sad to say, it's going to take 20 years, but the progress is steady, and I think it will do better than batteries.  The most important thing is finding a more efficient catalyst.  They've got the good old Platinum, and Ruthenium thing, but it's not working that well.  The fuel is only 3% methanol, like US beer, and it's amazing how the water is involved.  It's like burning water for fuel!

They're improving with nano-particles, but I would like a big boost in effort.  Perhaps the feds, after they realize the whole carbon warming thing was a dream.

The super-capacitors hold charge from stopping and provide acceleration.  They are made from graphene, which can be made in Canada.  The electric motors may require rare earth magnets, but far less material than a lithium battery.  We can get off a China addiction with this.  :)

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