Thursday, February 7, 2019

The end of the huge plume giving us ice

This was a huge plume.  It has warmed the East up, giving everybody a false sense of continuing warmth.  Natgas prices have hit the bottom.  It will soon go away, leaving us with #2 Vortex.  I still think we can hit #3 and #4.  Or maybe it's all one.  Who can tell with the Vortex Follies?

Meanwhile, a closer look at Arctic ice shows it continues to cross lanes.  I'm quite happy with my new insight that a major ice advance starts with multi-year ice on the Arctic ocean, to the point where it remains mostly frozen all year.  Then ice starts to cover the land.

ps.  this just in from the bbc

In their charts, they do not acknowledge that world temps now have been falling way behind carbon warming forecasts, so they just produce more forecasts.

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