Friday, February 8, 2019

Get ready for another one!

We are just over that 'super plume' that coated my driveway with ice.  Now, there are no other plumes in sight.

So now, we are going to have endless headlines about the Polar Vortex.  And all the newly elected women in the States are pushing their 'green plan' to save us from boiling to death.

ps.  I opened up my big bag of limestone screenings to throw on the ice.  At 50 below, salt doesn't work.

pps.  Yeah, garbage bins went sliding down the ice on the street, in 80 km winds.  Good neighbours fixed it up, but I took them in for another day.

tonight:  It's neat that the super-plume is still sucking up Gulf heat.  Our weather in the next few days will be a battle between this heat and nothingness. 

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