Monday, February 11, 2019

Ocean current report - Feb 9, 2019

Not much change, but a few interesting things.

The saline current from the Arctic becomes stronger as cold water from the North Atlantic sucks into it.  I've never seen this, but it probably confirms that the water is very saline.  It plunges to the bottom of the Atlantic and is responsible for the currents changing there.  The current formed when the Pacific heat changed after the El Nino of 2016-17.  It wasn't there before.  It has destroyed the Gulf Stream, and the UK is having a fun winter.

The mid-Atlantic current continues to divert to the south.

A super warm spot has appeared off Brazil, and I've never seen this.

The Pacific has completely stopped the upper return current.  I'm looking at the Alaskan cold water.  I'm expecting it to drift down and destroy the beginning of the Pacific westerly warm current.  But that might be for another year.

The current shifts are dramatic.  For years, I watched this, and nothing happened.  The currents are the prime energy shifts of the heat balance of the world.  Probably a million times that of air, so the notion that carbon warming affects them is cute.


Penny said...

Hey Geo
hubby and I were reading some article yesterday talking about the ocean currents and climate..
should have saved it (still spinning the carbon lie) but admitting the effects of the ocean currents on the global climate. Made me think of all you write here.
If I can refind it I'll leave the link
and btw
tonight is supposed to start yet another ice storm.. through tomorrow all day.
we'll see how bad it gets this time?
My dad slipped on the ice and fell, badly bruised, but nothing broken (he's 83 and he's hurting)

Harold Asmis said...

With this ice you have to wear ice clips on your boots.