Thursday, February 21, 2019

No Flavour for Cannabis Edibles - Dog Poop City


This is funny.  No muffins, no brownies, no candies.  Nothing that a child or teenager would want to eat.  They have to make it taste and look like dog poop.  

I make my own cannabis butter with coconut oil.  It smells and tastes terrible, but it is a natural extract and far healthier than chemically purified stuff.  You have to kill all the minor cannaboids, and terpenes to make a flavourless oil.  Most people can't take my oil, since it is dog shit, but I'm used to it.  :)

It'll stop alzies and make brain cells grow better than that valium drug the Toronto researchers are doing.  It has improved my sleep and my depressions tremendously.  I hardly take it during the day now, and take about 1 ml at night for the brain.

I can't think of any way to cover the dog poop taste and not make it happy for teens.  Perhaps, spicy pepperoni,  wait, that's pizza!  I know, make it taste like a Tide Pod, ... no that won't work.

ps.  This is now a 'Grand Stupidity' of the feds, right along with 'Protect Quebec Corruption'.  :)

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