Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Gods of global warming - the inventor of terms


I can't say that logic was his strong point.  He noted ocean currents as the main carrier of heat energy, noted the previous 40 year cooling period, and said there would follow a warming period.  All of a sudden he threw in carbon dioxide.

In the 1980s, he told US political leaders that the growth of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere warranted a "bold, new national effort aimed at understanding the operation of the realms of the atmosphere, oceans, ice and terrestrial biosphere".

So much of what he said has been ignored, and the carbonistas just focused in on the carbon thing.  That's the fun of willful ignorance.

At least now I have a quote for doing more physics.  :)

ps.  A little bit of physics done by Ontario, or merely the announcement of physics would have a 10 to one return, by shielding some of the carbon nutsy stuff.

pps.  Through my exclusive connection I have suggested that Doug use this against Justin.  But it's sad this will never happen, like all my other great ideas.  I just hope that 50 years into the future, someone will say "He was right." 

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