Monday, February 11, 2019

ARS report - Feb 11, 2019

The Atmospheric River Storm (ars without the 'e') report.

The Big Fat ARS that has been warming North America is finally moving off.  It still has one big snow storm to dump on Toronto, and then we should be just cold.  There is nothing to replace it in the near future.

The UK is enjoying the benefit of a twin ars hitting them.  It is very weak, not like a Kardash* ars, and will give them some snow.  Alaska is being hit by a weak plume, which has the Arctic warmer than usual.

The ars near Australia is dropping a big wad of hot air to the south, but it's summer for them.  Most of Australia is in the stagnant zone of active arses, and it will be hot and stinky for them.  The north will continue to get drenched.

All the heat energy in the atmosphere is carried by the active arses, perhaps by a factor of 10e4 or more.

*new definition of an ars which is excessively big.

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